How to Find IMEI Number of Your Mobile Phone

How to Find IMEI Number of Your Mobile Phone

How to Find IMEI Number of Your Mobile Phone IMEI number is a distinct number which is allocated to each mobile phone separately. It is fundamentally identification code of any cell phone like a serial number. IMEI variety is needed to be regarded by using every mobile telephone consumer. IMEI number lets you block your cell smartphone in case of any robbery so that any unlawful movement couldn’t be made thru your mobile smartphone or else you’ll be liable for that crime too. Furthermore, if you’ll be recognized by the IMEI code of your mobile telephone, at the least you could supply a terrific lesson to the thieves by way of disabling the handset. The technique to find IMEI code of any mobile telephone areas. And if you want to get this specific number known as IMEI for your own phone. Then you have to follow the procedure explained as under to get it without any problem. Through this code, you can also able to track your cell phone in the case of theft and robbery.

  • Simply dial *#06# from your mobile phone.
  • The IMEI number of that particular mobile phone shall appear on the mobile screen.
  • Note down or save IMEI number so that it can be best used whenever needed in case of any mishap.

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