How to Migrate from Talkshawk To Djuice

How to Migrate from Talkshawk To Djuice You can transfer your Talkshawk package to Djuice package without having problem or issue. To assist the consumers we explained all the important steps in the procedure so that you can easily change your package from Talkshawk to Djuice at any time. This process can change your Talkshawk network to the Djuice network with ease. So, read it carefully to act upon it according to your desires or requirements.

Without altering your current cell phone number, you can with no trouble change your Talkshawk sim to djuice network by succeeding any of the 3 methods for conversion of Talkshawk sim to djuice network. The proper terminology for the whole process is given as Migration from Talkshawk to Djuice.

Migration from Telenor Talkshawk to djuice network can be done by following any of the 3 methods given below:

  • Simply send an SMS “migrate” to 345
  • Simply dial either 345661 or 345662
  • Visit Telenor Sales & Service Centers or Telenor Franchises.

Charges for Migration from Talkshawk To Djuice:

  • Conversion charges from Talkshawk to djuice and djuice Din Raat are just Rs. 15 inclusive of tax.
  • 2 exclusive of tax will be charged for sending SMS ‘migrate’ to 345
  • 0.25 exclusive of tax are the charges for dialing either 345661 or 345662.

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