Kick The Buddy Mod Apk Review in 2019

De-Stress Your Life By Kicking The Dummy

In today’s world, time is the most valuable resource a person can have. In the rush of being better and better each passing day, stress and anxiety are becoming the best friend of man. Excessive work pressure and tiredness are making them lose their patience, and restless. The common thing a person does to de-stress himself is to go on a vacation. But many of them are unable to do so because they don’t have time. In that case, technology has saved us. The Internet has an ample variety of options to de-stress mind; be it psychological or spiritual or just based on recreation.

There are several kinds that you will get on the play store which will help you de-stress your mind and make you ready for the next day. The Kick Buddy is one of such kind. This game allows you to shoot, smash, and freeze and destroy. Whatever negativities have attacked you, you can release it here with your heart and soul. This game is the ultimate option of de-stressing you.

Kick The Body Mod Apk


Kick buddy is a fighting game with ample weapon options for you. It has knives, riffles, bombs, etc. to blow things up. Sounds barbaric? Well, it’s not. The game lets you soothe your mind by releasing the anger that you are bearing; no matter how much hand grenade or rifle you use. It tests creativity at a very level.

The Kick Buddy Mod Apk starts with an animated dummy standing at the right side of the Android screen. It expects damage from you. The more you damage, the more success you get in the game. You can throw bombs, knives, fruits or even cartoon it to win the game as well as de-stressing your mind. You can destroy, kill, freeze; there is no boundary to your wish here.

The game allows you to win unlimited coins that help you to buy new weapons to hit the dummy. The good you hit; good coins you score; more good armaments you buy for your lovely, distressing dummy.

Features Of The Game:

Unlike all other games, the Kick Buddy Mod Apk also has some highlights. To hit the dummy more perfectly and relief your stress, you need to get a fair idea on what features the game follows. Well, the features that it supports are:

  1.    Multiplayer Mode:

Like all the other games, the Kick Buddy Mod Apk also comes with a multiplayer mode. Nothing beats the fun when you do it something with your friends, right? You can add your friends with whom you are socially connected and smash the dummy altogether. A stable internet connection is only what you need.

  1.    Quality:

The developers of the Kick Buddy Mod Apk did a great job in maintaining the quality of the game. Since it is not a straight gaming purpose game, you will find much stress relieving game in the market which has terrible graphics quality or whose function does not work correctly. Kick Buddy Mod Apk is not of that kind. It has a high graphical quality which will make you feel no less than a professional gamer while attacking the dummy with bombs in the de-stressing process. It feels like you are playing with your mobile display.

  1.    Enhances Target Skills:

There is an option in the game, where you can throw watermelons at the dummy. What you have to do is; select the watermelon from the options and throw it targeting the model. This is leading to practice in your target skills. Also, if you shoot or bomb the dummy, targeting it correctly at the first step saves other weapons from wasting.

  1.    Interesting Throughout:

If you think that like the other distressing games in the market, the Kick Buddy Mod Apk also gets boring by the end of the day, then you got it entirely wrong. This game keeps you hooked up with it overall. Unlike others, it has quirky combinations of weapons to throw at the dummy. You can select your combination of threats and hit the model and relief your stress creatively and innovatively.

The Psychology Behind The Game (How Does It Work On You):

When we play a game of such kind, it takes our negativities out. No matter what negative emotions we are carrying, be it ego, anxiety, stress or whatever grudge we are holding onto ourselves, if taken on a prolonged basis, it can affect our brain. Human Science and technology is working hand in hand, and such creations are hitting up the market where you can easily pull these negative emotions out virtually. Instead of throwing things at your wife or boss; fighting with your friend or sister after you got back home; what you do is you merely throw melons or knives at the dummy. This way, a healthy mind and a healthy relation both are maintained.

Requirements For Downloading The Game:

To download the game, you need an Android device worth at least 4.0 android versions. Need an active internet connection to access the web and a search engine or play store to get the apk.

How To Get Mod Version of this game??

Well there are 2 ways to get mod of Kick The Buddy game.

  1. Download MOD Version of Kick The Buddy from any site providing MOD Apks like Techylist or Android-1. It’s upto you. Both sites provide working MOD Apks of almost every game out there.
  2. You can install official version from the Google Play Store & then MOD it by your own with the help of Lucky Patcher. Download lucky patcher and install it now!

Final Analysis:

As I said earlier, Human Science and technology are working hand in hand and creating wonders for our betterment. The dummy that you see is an AI robot that is doing everything that you wish it to do. Talking about the human science part, hitting the robot with weapons are making you relief your stress and tiredness. Since the activities are done virtually, it keeps one’s relationships safely away from the daily rude truths of life. Just go for this beautiful creation, and you won’t regret it ever!

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