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When we are depressed or stressed about something or some person, we mostly try to get relief from anger by smashing different products. It is common to do this task for many people to relax. In such a case, you might lose your valuable products and have to face some inappropriate conditions. Therefore, we are here with kick buddy mod apk that can be used as an alternative in such situations.

Do you want to avoid such a kind of loss of your products when you have lost control of yourself? Kick the Buddy is a specific game in which you will be given a bear (buddy) on which you can attack and relieve your stress. Let’s have a look at the gameplay of the kick the buddy apk. 


It is a game in which a cute teddy will be shown on your screen that will be tied up with a disc. You can hit that buddy with different objects like knives, weapons, and others. In the last, you will also get some fruits and other useful objects as a prize for this task.

Abide by the prize, you can easily extract out all your anger on that non-living and virtual object and save a lot of real objects of your place. According to a lot of people, this game can act as a mood-changing turn for most of them and get rid of their bad vibes.

Kick The Buddy MOD APK All Weapons Unlocked 2021

Key Features of Kick the buddy mod apk

Like all other android games, kick the buddy mod apk has an extensive list of features. You can enjoy playing this game for a lot of time unless you have got your mood normal. Due to the following qualities, this game has become lovable by a huge number of people around the globe.

Quality graphics:

Kick the buddy does not appeal the teenagers and adults to play it but a lot of children also love to play it. This game does not restrict people of any age to come and enjoy with it. A baby boy or girl will be entertained after hitting the teddy and win a prize.

Similarly, a teenager can get relief from his anger by using the same method. So, the intentions may differ from each other but all players enjoy this game. Along with amazing gameplay, the developers have launched this game with quality graphics. You will find its interface and background appealing than its gameplay.

Kick the Buddy MOD 1.0.6 - Download for Android APK Free

Free to play

Another feature of this mod apk is the free playing experience for all players. You won’t need to look for some email or other basic information to register yourself with this game. But you can play it freely without such restrictions.

In the official version, you will get access to some weapons and functions but we have allowed you to access any feature in this apk. So, you can easily play this game freely and hit the teddy with your desired weapon or move.

Download Kick The Buddy MOD 1.0.6 (Unlimited Money/Gold/Weapons) For Android  INewKhushi - Premium PRO MOD APK For Android

Attack anonymously

To allow you to get relief from stress completely, we have made it possible for every player to attack this object anonymously. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any weapon or any other function while looking to hit that teddy.

What if you are allowed to hit that object with a hammer of Thor or the fire of a dragon? You will enjoy more than any weapon with such particular ones. In this game, these moves are also termed as God’s power which means that you can hit that teddy like his owner without facing the limitations of the weapons.

In short, you can attack that teddy with any weapon and get it to harm more. With this, you will get more prizes in the form of fruits, gold, and coins.

Unlimited everything

Many players ask why they need to download this mod instead of the original app from the Google store. In the official app, you will not get any money or gold to approach the store and buy different products. You will get a little bit as a bonus sometimes that will not be enough to buy any product.

Therefore, you can’t change the look of your teddy, add weapons, unlock features, and many other actions. So, we have resolved this problem by providing you access to an unlimited collection of all such products. You will get unlimited money and gold that will give you the easiest way to approach the asset store.

In turn, you will be able to customize your teddy’s shape and body without any limitations.

Download Kick The Buddy Mod Apk v1.0.6 (Unlimited Money/Gold) For Android

No advertisements

Along with this, when you are already stressed, you can’t bear the display of advertisement videos. If you are getting such ads, it might be possible that you will smash your phone and face a huge loss. To keep you away from such conditions, we have removed all ads from this mod apk.

It means that kick the buddy mod apk will not show ads, banners, or videos while you are playing this game. So, you can easily download and install this apk on your device using the following steps.

Kick the buddy ad free download | Buddy, Kicks, Saw the game

Download and install kick the buddy mod apk

  • With the above features, you might have found this game interesting and worthy to download on your phone.
Kick The Buddy Mod Apk | Kick The Buddy Mod Apk Unlock All | How To Download  Kick The Buddy Mod Apk - YouTube
  • If yes, you should follow the upcoming lines with focus to understand the exact way to install this mod apk.
Download Kick the Buddy Mod Apk V.1.4.1 - (Unlimited Diamond/Weapons) -  TrickyFi
  • First of all, you need to get the setup file by clicking on the following link.
  • It will download the setup file into your mobile phone.
How to Change the Default Program to Open a File With
  • After this, you only need to go to settings to have a look at either it is allowed to install apps from unknown sources or not.
Noizz for Android - APK Download -
  • If not, you should hit the button available in front of that option to allow the process.
  • When you have done this, you should come back and open the downloaded setup.
  • Here you will get the “Install” button, just tap on it and wait for some time.
  • The system will install the application automatically without asking you for interference.

Bottom Line:

By following the above process, you can easily download and install Kick the buddy mod apk. After that, you can attack the teddy with the above-mentioned weapons to get relief without harming your property.

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