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Saudi Arabia & UAE Call Packages of All Networks Zong, Telenor, Mobilink Jazz, Ufone, Warid

If you are searching for Saudi Arabia and UAE call packages of all networks which include Zong, Telenor, Mobile Jazz, Ufone, and Warid. So do not worry as you are on the right place. These all International call Packages are designed especially for those who live in the Middle East also, to provide them with the most excellent services. In this following article.

Saudi Arabia & UAE Call Packages of All Networks

We will provide customers with all of the information related with All Network Providers Saudi Arabia and UAE International Call / SMS in order for our readers to choose one according to their need and affordability.

Zong Saudi Arabia Call Package:

For Outgoing Calls, Zong has recently initiated Lowest Prepaid Roaming in Saudi Arabia for tax of 0.25 per second. Also, you are able to talk to your friends & family in Saudi Arabia at reasonably priced rates.

  1. Outgoing Call Within Saudi Arabia Rs. 0.25+tax
  2. Outgoing Call Pakistan Rs. 0.25+tax
  3. Incoming Calls Rs. 0.25+tax

Terms & Conditions:

  • Zong Saudi Arabia per second call offer is now obtainable on Zain network only. For Saudi Arabia’s other network (Mobile & STC), standard rates will apply as per the roaming
  • Only Prepaid clients are eligible to avail this service

Zong International SMS Offer (Saudi Arabia / US / UK):

On minimal charges, Zong clients are now able to send SMS’s to their beloved ones who live in Saudi Arabia, US and UK. However, Zong customers are not required to subscribe in order to text others. But you have to do the following:

  1. Type Message
  2. Enter Recipient’s Number as followed
  3. 00-Country Code-Recipient Number
  4. Send the SMS
  5. 5 + tax will be charged per SMS

Messages will not be delivered to the recipients if:

  • The receiver’s mobile service operator doesn’t support SMS service at any given time
  • Receiver’s mobile is switched off
  • A message is lost at the system of the mobile operator due to unforeseen reasons
  • Receiver’s mobile number is invalid
  • When message limit of Receiver is already full

Telenor Saudi Arabia Call Package:

  1. Package Price Rs 2.99 + tax per 20 seconds
  2. Dial *345*6# to activate this package
  3. Package Validity is 01 Day
  4. User will also get10 free Telenor minutes on every call
  5. Once expired, a customer will need to re-subscribe this package

Telenor UAE Call Package:

  1. Package Price Rs 4.18 + tax per 20 seconds
  2. Dial 111before the recipient’s number and this offer will automatically be activated
  3. No time limit, this offer can be used at anytime

Mobilink Jazz Saudi Arabia & UAE Call Package:

IDD Calls Offer for UAE and Saudi Arabia are initiated for clients to make calls in Saudi Arabia with only Rs. 2.38 per 15 seconds (Inclusive of taxes) and you can make calls in UAE with just Rs. 3.57 per 15 seconds (Inclusive of taxes).

Package Details:

  1. Dial *452#to activate the offer
  2. Both Mobilink Jazz Prepaid / Postpaid Subscribers are eligible to avail this offer
  3. IDD calls to other countries will be charged as per standard package plans
  4. Unsubscribe this package by simply dialing *452*4#
  5. Offer charges will not be available for international roamers calling from Pakistan or abroad

Ufone International Call Packages:

Package Offer Charges No# of Minutes Validity How to Subscribe
Package 1 RS 100 + Tax 120 Minutes 14 Days 711
Package 2 RS 50 + Tax 60 Minutes 7 Days 712
Package 3 RS 10 + Tax 10 Minutes Same day till midnight *2244#


Additional Information:

  • This offer is only valid for Ufone Prepaid Subscribers
  • Additional charges of 15 paise per call will be charged
  • Dial *706to check remaining minutes and available balance
  • Offer Valid for: Australia, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Germany and UK

Ufone Saudi Arabia, UAE, Middle East, Qatar, Bahrain, Bangladesh & India Call Package:

Dial *226# for Rs.2.99+tax to subscribe to this package

  1. Qatar: 3.99/20 sec
  2. Bahrain & Kuwait: 1.99/20 sec
  3. Saudi Arabia, UAE & Iran : Rs. 2.99/20 sec
  4. India & Bangladesh : Rs. 1.20 + Tax / 20 Sec

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is just suitable for Prepaid clients only
  • Offer is accessible for both landline and mobile numbers

Jazz Warid Saudi Arabia & UAE Call Package:

International Call Offer for Saudi Arabia & UAE are introduced by Warid. Jazz Warid users are now able to make calls to Saudi Arabia in only Rs. 8.99 + tax per minute and to UAE in only Rs. 11.99 + tax per minute. Also, to turn on the offer you are required to dial 222 before International number / Recipient’s number (Saudi Arabia / UAE).


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