Get 5GB FREE Internet | Telenor 4G SIM Replacement Offer

In this Latest article, you can find complete details on how to activate 4G on Telenor SIM. Telenor has introduced another exciting offer named as Telenor 4G SIM Replacement Offer. Telenor customers can enjoy 5GB Internet for absolutely FREE with simply upgrading to Telenor 4G.

Like we mentioned above, Telenor customers can also get 5GB Free internet immediately upon SIM replacement offer.All you need to do is get your Telenor 3G SIM replaced with 4G SIM in just Rs. 100 to avail faster downloading, browsing, streaming and many more.


 Telenor 3G SIM converts to 4G Details:

  • Customers will get 5GB Free Internet on upgrading their Telenor 3G SIM to 4G


 Telenor 4G SIM Check Eligibility:

  • Customers can visit here to check their SIM eligibility, whether their handset is LTE compatible or not or if they are eligible to avail Telenor 4G SIM Replacement Offer.

Telenor 4G Sim Card

Activation Code for Telenor 4G SIM :

  • For New Telenor Subscribers:
    1. Insert a new SIM in your 4G device. If there are multiple SIM Slots available in your device then it is recommended to use SIM Slot 1 for better & smooth internet connectivity.
    2. Select LTE or 4G as network mode via 4G device’s Settings Menu
    3. Then Dial Telenor 4G Activation Code 1925 and click on or Send in SMS START to 1925 in order to activate Telenor Data Service (Toll-Free)
    4. That’s it, you can now avail Telenor 4G Data Services on your 4G SIM
  • For Telenor Existing Subscribers:
    1. Type 4G SIM Number and send it to 59111 (Toll-Free) from existing Telenor SIM
    2. Once your current SIM disconnects, insert your Telenor new 4G SIM in 4G LTE compatible device
    3. Select LTE or 4G as network mode via 4G device’s Settings Menu
    4. This way you can easily activate your Telenor 4G SIM.
  • Telenor 5GB Offer 

Type New SMS and Dial 1 Send it To 771381 And Get 5GB Free Telenor internet.

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More Details:

  1. Check Telenor 4G Coverage Map here
  2. Check Telenor 4G Capable Handset List here
  3. Check Telenor 4G Authorized Franchise List here


That was all about Telenor 4G SIM Replacement Offer. Please let us know in the comments section below if you found this offer helpful and interesting. Stay tuned!

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