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Telenor Offers Best Packages For USA, Canada and UK

Telenor Offers Best Packages For USA, Canada and UK  Now call any landline or cellular variety in USA / Canada, and landline wide variety in the United Kingdom for the maximum low-priced rates ever. No subscription required for this USA, Canada, and UK Offer. You may now make calls to USA / Canada (Landline + cellular) and United Kingdom (Landline) numbers at a reduced price. Simply add 999 earlier than dialing the USA/Canada/United kingdom variety and seize up with your family for Rs. 4.ninety nine/15 minutes (excl. tax). You can experience those functions if you have already got global Dialing enabled. This offer makes you enable to connect the friends and family living in these countries at very economical rates. You can subscribe this offer with ease whenever you will need. You can be able to get 15 free minutes in just rupees 4.99. This offer does not have any hidden charges.

Subscription Price:

  • You can activate this offer in just rupees 4.99 per fifteen minutes.

Offer Eligibility

  • All Telenor Postpaid subscribers are eligible for this offer


  • The offer is valid 24 hours a day.

Note:  For activation of IDD please call 345. Minimum credit limit required for IDD access is Rs. 2,000. You can also increase your credit limit using Scratch Cards (Procedure:*456*14 digit code#)

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