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Ufone Postpaid 3G Packages – Postpay Tariff

Ufone 3G Postpaid Packages offer its customers at very affordable rates and the large volume of 3G cellular data. At present, Ufone is presenting it’s 4 Ufone 3G Postpaid Bundles that are accessible on monthly basis. These packages have a very fast speed and quality services and these bundles are named as:

  • Ufone Postpay 1GB 3G Bucket
  • Ufone Postpay 3GB 3G Bucket
  • Ufone Postpay 5GB 3G Bucket
  • Ufone Postpay 10GB 3G Bucket

The details of each Ufone 3G Postpaid Package are given below:

1. Ufone Postpay 1GB 3G Package:

  • How to Subscribe: Simply dial *4547#
  • Price: Rs. 300
  • Volume: 1024 MBs
  • Validity: 30 days

2. Ufone Postpay 3GB 3G Package:

  • How to Subscribe: Simply dial *805#
  • Price: Rs. 700
  • Volume: 3072 MBs
  • Validity: 30 days

3. Ufone Postpay 5GB 3G Package:

  • How to Subscribe: Simply dial *7550#
  • Price: Rs. 1000
  • Volume: 5120 MBs
  • Validity: 30 days

4. Ufone Postpay 10GB 3G Package:

  • How to Subscribe: Simply dial *8550#
  • Price: Rs. 1200
  • Volume: 10240 MBs
  • Validity: 30 days

Terms & Conditions:

  • In order to choose any 2G/ 3G mobile internet bucket, simply dial *3# from your 2G/3G enabled handset.
  • To check the remaining MBs balance of any of the above package, simply dial *4545#
  • For the de-activation of 3G service, customer can dial *7701#
  • Volume accumulator will reset at 12 AM, every day.
  • Once the free data volume is consumed, internet data (2G/3G) charging will be done as per the default rates i.e.
  • Rs.20 for the first MB and then the next 19 MBs will be absolutely free. Again, the user will get charged for the 21st
  • MB and will get next 19 MBs free and so on. This condition is valid for the first 200 MBs usage of the day.
  • All of the above Ufone 3G Postpaid Packages are available only for Ufone postpaid customers in Pakistan.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the buckets are not allowed.
  • Those Ufone postpaid users that have Ufone 3G service along with 3G enabled handsets can avail the above 3G buckets in 2G coverage areas but the data speed will be that of Ufone 2G. When traveling from 2G to 3G coverage areas, their data speed will be upgraded to their respective Ufone 3G speed.
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