How To Unlock and Reset Ufone Puk Code 2020 (updated)

Are You Tired Of entering the wrong Ufone Puk Code several Times and got locked your SIM?   you need the right Ufone sim Puk, Pin code? In this guide, I am Going to tell you how to unblock the Ufone Puk Code.

A PUK Code Is a (Personal unblocking key) that Every telecom Company is using in Pakistan for customer security purposes. Ufone Sim Puk code helps to protect data saved in your Ufone sim. Here I am explaining 4 methods to find Ufone sim pin, Puk code.

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Unlock Ufone Sim Pin, Puk Code Step By Step Guide

Find Ufone Puk Code By Ufone Sim Jacket

If u have Ufone sim jacket it has Ufone Puk code written on it enter it your Mobile to unlock your Ufone sim and enjoy the Ufone sim services.

Find Ufone Puk Code By Calling Ufone Helpline Services

Call the Ufone services center 333 from the mobile phone and ask them to provide the Puk code. They will guide you with the solution.

Unlock Ufone SIM Puk Code By Visiting Services Center

If the above methods don’t work for you then visit the nearest Ufone services center and ask them to provide Puk code. They will verify the identity and give you the Ufone PUK code.

Find Ufone Puk Code By USSD Code

  • Run *336# on your Phone
  • Select my profile
  • select Puk Code
  • You will be able to see your Ufone Puk Code

Note: This Method will not Work If your sim Locked by company.

Ufone Puk Code Unlock With Fake Softwares

Many people recommend using online software to obtain PU code. However, this is not true. Neither Ufone PUK code is a truck nor any online software that can produce PUK codes. There are much softwares on the market that claims to generate Ufone SIM Puk code to unlock.

Note: Your SIM card will be permanently blocked as a result of several failed PUK code attempts. As such, stay away from all such softwares and do not fall for them as they provide no solution to your problem.


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