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Now after introducing Warid calling and Warid SMS packages its users can enjoy the fast and high speed 3G network along with 4G. It was an ancient story, as our website conveys the up-to-date information on the current matter that nowadays all Warid subscribers can relish and subscribe to all packages of the  Warid 3G internet packages or bundles provided by the Mobilink.

Yes, this is right! The merger of Warid and the Mobilink welcomes the Warid customers who can subscribe to the same Mobilink 3G Internet packages and the bundles of the internet which are used by users of Jazz. The selection of options is now more varied and wider for all the subscribers of Warid who can nowadays choose the superlative available packages of 3G internet for themselves according to their desires along with their required budget. It is also important to mention that the fresh Mobilink 3G internet bundles are also available for both the LTE networks along with 3G. It comes up with that customer of Warid can be able to use and subscribe all these 3G packages on both LTE network as well as 3G at a very high speed due to the phone compatibility and coverage area criteria.

How to Subscribe All Warid 3G Internet Packages With Code:

For subscription of new 3G packages, Warid customers can dial *443#

List of NEW Warid Internet 3G Packages:

The following new 3G packages are now available for Warid prepaid customers in Pakistan:

  • Daily Facebook: 30MBs for Rs. 5 only.
  • Daily 3Gab/4G: 50MBs for Rs. 12 only.
  • 3-Day: 100MBs for Rs. 20 only.
  • Weekly: 300MBs for Rs. 50 only.
  • Weekly Social: 500MBs + 200MBs for FB/WhatsApp for Rs. 75 only.
  • Weekly: 1GB for Rs. 110 only.
  • Monthly: 1.5GBs for Rs. 160 only.
  • Monthly: 2GBs for Rs. 300 only.
  • Monthly: 5GBs for Rs. 500 only.
  • Monthly: 8GBs for Rs. 800 only.

The best thing is that all prices of 3G packages are inclusive of all taxes.

How to Subscribe Warid 3G Internet Packages:

For a subscription of new 3G packages by Warid Telecom, Warid customers can dial *443# from their prepaid connections, anywhere any Pakistan.

List of NEW Warid 3G Internet Packages:

The mentioned below are the new 3G packages that are now offered for Warid prepaid subscribers in all around Pakistan. These Warid 3G Prepaid Packages range from hourly, daily, 3 days, weekly to monthly validity as well as heavy MBs to just social networking type. The complete details of all Warid 3G bundles for prepaid customers tabled below:

Internet Bundles Price




Validity Subscription Status Check
Hourly Extreme 10 2,000 MB Next 2 Hours *846# *846*2#
Social Connection 5 30 MB 24 Hours *114*5# *114*5*2#
Daily Browser 12 50 MB 24 Hours *117*11# *117*11*2#
3-Day Browser 20 100 MB 3 Days *117*1# *117*1*2#
3-Day Extreme (2AM-2PM) 15 500 MB 3 Days *114*14# *114*14*2#
Weekly Browser 50 300 MB 7 Days *117*3# *117*3*2#
Weekly Streamer* 75 500 MB 7 Days *117*7# *117*7*2#
Weekly Premium 110 1,000 MB 7 Days *117*47# *117*47*2#
Weekly Extreme (2AM-2PM) 70 2,500 MB 7 Days *117*14# *117*14*2#
Monthly Browser 160 2,000 MB 30 Days *117*77# *117*77*2#
Monthly Streamer 250 3,000 MB 30 Days *117*31# *117*31*2#
Monthly Premium 500 6,000 MB 30 Days *117*30# *117*30*2#
Monthly Supreme 800 8,000 MB 30 Days *117*32# *117*32*2#
Monthly Mega 1,200 12,000 MB 30 Days *117*36# *117*36*2#
Monthly Ultimate 2,000 25,000 MB 30 Days *117*35# *117*35*2#
Monthly Extreme (2AM-2PM) 125 5,000 MB 30 Days *117*34# *117*34*2#

This All About Warid Net Packages  If u have Any queries/Questions Let Us know Below In Comment Box or email us at [email protected]

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