Download YouTube Vanced APK for Android Updated Version

This article is totally about knowing all the thing and downloading procedure of the Youtube vanced apk. But before going further we need to know about why we need it. Who does not know the name of youtube nowadays? Youtube is the most popular app when we talk about watching videos online.

There is no doubt that everybody from kids to old person, watches online videos. These videos include tv program, music, movies, education videos etc. Youtube was the main source of watching these kinds of stuff earlier.

But today I am going to show an amazing alternative of youtube app with tons of wonderful feature. Today in this article I will show you, how you can download youtube vanced apk for free in your android mobile phone. I will also tell you how you can download this apk in your android phone for free.

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Youtube vanced apk

Youtube vanced apk is the perfect alternative moded app far better than youtube app. Features of Youtube vanced apk are so good that it has become one of the most popular app to watch youtube videos. The reason behind people are using this app instead of youtube is that youtube vanced apk gives you feature like playing music in the background, watch videos without ads, modified themes, PIP mode and so on. Youtube is not able to give its user such freedom.

People often watch music videos in youtube but they cannot use that music video as mp3. Youtube vanced apk give you this wonderful feature as well to listen to youtube videos as mp3. Aren’t these feature mind-bogglingly awesome? absolutely yes friends. One more irritating thing while watching youtube videos is popup ads on youtube. Youtube vanced apk allows you to watch any video on youtube without any ads.

Feature of Youtube Vanced apk

Do not limit yourself when you have the option to do more. Features of this app are like this you do not need to limit your youtube watching experience. There are so many amazing features in youtube vanced apk and I will show you all the features of this app here.

  • App name:                                       Youtube vanced apk
  • App Size:                                          11Mb
  • Latest version:                              0.2.6
  • Android Version:                         Android 4.4 and Above
  • Developer:                                      XDA Developer Team
  • Last Updated:                               May 2019
  • Total Downloads:                      1M+
  1. You can play all youtube videos and music as mp3 and use your phone as an mp3 player.
  2. It allows you to block all the unnecessary ad coming on youtube videos.
  3. The option of watching any video in any customized resolution is also available.
  4. Customizable themes are available in the app. You can customize the themes of the youtube.
  5. It spends less data while watching youtube videos.
  6. PIP ( Picture in Picture ) mode is also available where you can watch videos in a floating window.
  7. User can also set the default resolution of the videos separately for wifi and mobile data.
  8. It also provides sliding volume and brightness access features.

Youtube Vanced Apk Free Download

I am pretty sure that you have known a lot about youtube vanced apk so far. In this section, I will help you to download and install this app on your android phone. Guys, you just remember one thing that you need to download MicroG apk to run this app because I would not suggest you to root your mobile phone. So, Just follow the upcoming steps and apply them.

  1. You have to uninstall the update on your existing youtube apk.
  2. Now go to this link here and download the Youtube Vanced apk in your mobile and install it.
  3. Download MicroG apk here and sign in into your youtube account.
  4. Now you are ready to use this wonderful app
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