Zong Super Weekly Max Offer Enjoy 10GB Internet in just Rs. 200 for 7 Days


Zong introduced Super Weekly Max Offer with this offer Zong Users now enjoy 10GB Data at the speed of an F-16 in Only Rs. 200/- Per Week. Zong Super Weekly Max Package offers you get Flat bucket Data 5GB (which you can use at any time) also Bound Bucket Data 5GB which you can use between 4 AM to 4PM. To Subscribe to this awesome Zong Weekly Internet Package dial Subscription Code now *220#

Zong Super Weekly Max Bundle offers the highest mobile-internet volume at best affordable charges in any weekly bundle.

Zong Super Weekly Max Package Details:

Super Weekly Max offer give you 5GB flat bucket data but users can also enjoy a time-bound 5GB bucket data also and it will be available between 4AM to 4PM Daily for 1 Week. You can get complete detail below:

  1. Price Rs. 200/ is for Zong Super Weekly Max –
  2. Get Flat Bucket Data 5GB Internet Volume + Time-Bound Bucket 5GB Internet between 4 AM to 4 PM
  3. 7 Days Validity for Super Weekly Max Package.

Zong Super Weekly Max Offer Subscription Code:

Zong Users can now activate Zong Super Weekly Max Offer just dialing *220#

How to Check Zong Super Weekly Max Package Remaining MBs:

Subscribers can check their Zong Super Weekly Max Package remaining MBs by simply dialing *102# (Service Charges 10 Paisa Per Inquiry)

Unsubscribe Code For Zong Super Weekly Max Package :

For unsubscribe, Zong Super Weekly Max Offer Zong customers can send Message Unsub nswp to 6464.

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Zong Super Weekly Max is not an auto-recursive offer
  2. Within the limit of 10GB Zong Subscribers can download as much data as they want.
  3. Zong Users can subscribe to DTO & GNO along with Zong Super Weekly Max Offer. However, During time-bound data bucket hours (4 AM to 4 PM), 5GB customer usage will be from Super Weekly Max before DTO & GNO is consumed.
  4. To re-subscribe offer, Zong customer will need to unsubscribe the package first by sending unsub nswp to 6464.
  5. Afterward, the user will again be able to re-subscribe to this offer by dialing *220#
  6. Re. 1/MB out-of-bundle rate is applicable until bundle expiry after which users will be moved to their respective standard/basic tariff
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