IS Rae Lil Black Parents Murdered? Net Worth Salary, Age, Height In 2024

Rae Cooper, aka Rae Lil Black, is a social media influencer, yet, she has found a new creek to amuse her fans. The 21-year-old is trying writing in an adu1t recreation planet, and it appears she is doing rather nicely with her newfound power.

Rae Cooper materialized on one of the tapes of “React.” Rae Lil Black stood on the episode to respond to “Attack on Titan.” Being Japanese, she knew about the display within a few seconds of the video. The video was uploaded on May 19, 2014, and at that time, Rae Lil Black was just 14 years old. (Time flies, doesn’t it?)

rae lil black parents murdered

Rae Lil Black’s net capital

Rae Lil Black is a famous Japanese-American actress, gamer, fashion model, and internet personality. According to the 2022 estimates, Rae Lil Black’s net worth is around $500K.
Explore Rae Lil Black’s earnings, income, salary, career, and other details.

Rae Lil Black's net capital

Rae Lil Black Parents Murdered Information

Real nameRae Lil Black
Rae Lil Black net worth$500K
Birthday/ Date of Birth/ Birth date17th December 1996
BirthplaceOsaka, Japan
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight55 Kg (121 lbs)
Body Measurements36-26-39 inches
Famous As/ Occupation/ ProfessionActress, Social Media Star

Rae Lil Black salaries, wages, payment

Rae Lil Black’s income means that Rae Lil Black’s monthly revenues are around $30K. That said, Rae Lil Black’s yearly earnings are $360K.
YouTubers get paid $2 – $7 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube carries its cut. The YouTuber also generates extra from YouTube Red viewers who expend a monthly fee on viewing premium content on YouTube without ads. Additional income from brand values and social media outlets adds to their net worth.
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Rae Lil Black salaries, wages, payment

What Occurred to Rae Lil Black Parents?

Yakuza, a Japanese organized crime cartel, is said to be accountable for Rae Lil Black’s birth parents’ extinction. This knowledge comes from words. When Rae was eight years old, both of her cooper parents died in a tragic accident.

According to some accounts, the name Daichi Tama Matsuzawa belonged to Rae Lil Black’s biological father, and the word Ai Den Matsuzawa belonged to her birth mother.

What Occurred to Rae Lil Black Parents?

Before the power and Education of Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black was born on August 17, 1996. She is originally from Osaka, Japan. Her zodiac sign is Leo, and she is 26 years old. Rae’s nationality is Japanese-American, and she is a Christian. According to authorities, Rae’s parents were killed by Yakusa when she was eight years old.

Daichi Tama Matsuzawa (father) and Ai Den Matsuzawa (mother) were her birth parents (mother). An American couple then adopted her. Following that, Kathy grace ambush emigrated to the United States. Joseph Peter Cooper (father) and Alice Mary Cooper (mother) are the names of her adoptive parents (mother).

Before the power and Education of Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black’s Career

Rae is a well-known grown-up actress and social media influencer. Her self-titled YouTube channel is famous in the government for her online streaming and gameplay videos. There, she mostly shares online gaming, challenges, and prank videos. She is an adult actress who works on different adult websites. Rae is also a sensual model who has worked with various companies.
She primarily wants to play online action and horror games. She is also a professional YouTuber and live streamer. She also posts fashion and lifestyle selfies and photos on her Instagram page. She founded the bikini company ‘Kanoa Kings’ in 2015. She also unveiled her official logo in August 2018.

Then she formed her merch with her logo’s T-shirt, extended sleeves, and other things. Rae set up a reliable gaming studio in her home for her online streaming. Furthermore, in 2019, she was appointed as the moderator of the PHB Awards. Rae joined TikTok for fun, but her videos quickly went viral, and she became a well-known TikTok personality.

Before the power and Education of Rae Lil Black

Body Measurement

In size, lily Aerin Savage is around 5 feet and 5 inches tall. And, as a model, she takes excellent care of her body. As a result, she keeps her body in good shape and sexy. Rae has a hot, hot, voluptuous body. Her body dimensions are 36-26-39 inches, which include her chest, waist, and hips.


As per the latest estimates, Rae Lil Black net worth is around $500K.

Rae Lil Black is famous as an Actress and Social Media Star.

Rae Lil Black’s body statistics are 36-26-39 inches.

Final words

Rae Lil Black’s net worth has been slowly increasing, and people are taking more good in her. Share your thoughts about the beautiful star in the comments down below!

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