Download GB Instagram APK for android and IOS With Themes

The easiest way to communicate with others who are at a distance is social media. The way social media has increased its demand among the users, no one can imagine themselves without posting a picture or updating their stories. Now in this era every one want reach and growth on there profile as like & comments to influence in that case Machine Liker gives countless likes and comments. Thus, online platforms such as Instagram / Insta Pro Apk has become the first choice of users to share images, videos, stories, etc. Due to it’s easy to understand and use features have increased its demand among the people. It has improved a lot to fulfill the user’s needs, and they can use it more conveniently.

But, still, Instagram does not allow the user to download shared pictures, videos, or stories to your phones. So GB Instagram is the best solution for you, Same like may be used Whatsapp plus sometimes to download whatsapp plus go to baixar whatsapp plus. With the use of Gb Instagram apk, you can easily download anyone’s posted pictures, videos (for Short video’s you can use YouTube Shorts Downloader), and even their Instagram stories. These new features add more glory to the GB Instagram APK file.

How to download GB Instagram APK file?

 The first thing whenever you download an APK file is to check your mobile settings. If you are downloading an APK file for the first time, then follow the below steps first before you download any APK file.

  • Go to the settings option.
  • Select the security option.
  • Check the Unknown sources tab.

Now, you got done with the settings. So let’s learn how to download the APK file of GB Instagram for android.

download gb instagram

Download GB Instagram APK file.

    • Download the APK file .
    • After the download is complete, install the GB Instagram into your mobile.
    • Once, the installation is complete login to your account.
    • Now, enjoy your Instagram journey.

Features of GB Instagram APK file

  • Download pictures, videos, and instant stories: Now when you have installed the GB Instagram APK into your android device, you can easily download anyone’s posted photos, videos, and stories without any hassle.
  • Change themes: Everyone likes to try new ideas and patterns on their Instagram account, and this feature has made it more convenient for users to change the theme.
  • Mark conversation with a star: It becomes easy to search for a particular message when it is marked. So, this feature allows the user to mark any conversation with a star that makes it easy to search for it later.
  • Hide from other story views: Sometimes you wish to view someone’s stories but without letting them know about it. So, with this new feature, you can hide from someone’s story views.
  • Translate comments into your desire language: Many people wish to comment as per their desired language to someone’s posted pictures or videos, and this feature has made it possible. You can now translate your comment in any language you wish.
  • Use two Instagram on the same phone: It also allows the user to handle two Instagram accounts on the same phone easily.


After learning about the new GB Instagram APK file, we can tell that it is the best type of Instagram that can be used more conveniently with some new features. It allows the user to fulfill their demands to download photos, videos, and stories.

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