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WhatsApp plus is one of those applications that are used by a large number of people. It has been taken a huge proportion of users from the original application just because of some extended and amazing features. Here is what you need to know about WhatsApp plus and its features.

  • What is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is one of the most famous versions of this messaging application. More than one million users are using this application on their mobiles due to its advanced features. It has made it easier for users to control every single factor or option just according to their taste. 

In this way, a user will get full control over all the available options. So, he can easily customize all features and make it simple for him to enjoy chatting with his friends. For a quick overview, you need to get a look at the list of features that we are going to show here in the next sections.

whatsapp plus apk

  • Features of Whatsapp Plus:

  • Multiple themes:

The theme is one of those factors or products that will help the users to get a perfect look for their application interface. With this, a user can simply make the internal part of the application precise and appropriate. 

Whatsapp plus has an extensive list of themes from which he can use anyone. He only has to download a theme from the available section and install it in his application.

  • Hiding Feature:

FM WhatsAPP apk

In official WhatsApp, you can’t hide some data like about, profile picture, status, and others. If you are using Whatsapp plus, you will get full control over every patch of data. You can hide anything from anyone you want just by using privacy settings. 

In addition, you can also hide your active status and blue tick from your contacts. It means that no one will be able to know either you have read a message or not. Also, they will not know what was your last seen to this application. It means that you can enjoy your life freely without any restrictions.

  • Extended list of emojis:

whats plus apk

We all know that Whatsapp offers emojis to make the chat real and attractive. A user can easily use his required emojis in different messages to give it a real feeling. But these emojis are restricted to some moments only. 

In the plus version of Whatsapp, you will get an extended list of emojis. So, you can find almost all emojis or stickers for any moment of your life. In this way, it has helped the users a lot in making their messages real and attractive.

  • Heavy files sharing:

With a normal application, you can’t share a file having a maximum 15 Mb size. Due to this, many users look for an alternative like mail, dropbox, and others. It might be irritating for using any external application for this simple task. 

With Whatsapp plus, you can share up to 50 Mb files with anyone available in your contact list. This feature has reduced the importance of any file-sharing application or program.

  • Auto-Response:

Many businesses feel it hard to respond to their clients timely using any massaging application. With this software, they can resolve this problem. It will allow the users to set an auto-response with a fixed time. 

In this way, the sender will get an auto-reply if you are unavailable at the time of the message. With this application, you can customize this message as per your business requirements. It has become a profitable application for people who want to be successful in business and promote their products over WhatsApp.

  • Font styles:

You have heard that writing style leaves a great impact on the reader. Whatsapp plus takes it seriously and offering its users an extensive list of font styles and sizes. In this way, you will be able to engage the audience properly with your messages by using different font styles. 

In short, this application has all those features that you need to use for personal and professional purposes.

whatsapp plus apk

  • From where to get Whatsapp plus in a device?

Whatsapp plus is not available on Google play but you have to download it from the search engine directly. It means that you have to install this application from an unknown source instead of the Google play protect category. 

While installing this application, you need to allow installation from the settings of your phone. It will take some extra steps but in the end, you will get Whatsapp plus on your phone with all the above-mentioned features.

  • How to upgrade simple Whatsapp to Whatsapp plus?

If you have a single number on which you want to get Whatsapp plus without losing data, you need to follow the upcoming steps. First of all, you need a backup application that will keep your data safe after the uninstallation of the older application. 

Just open your account and go to settings. Here you will find a backup data option on which you have to tap. Normally, people use their mail for getting a backup of data but it has been seen that you can’t restore that data in Whatsapp plus. 

For this, you need an external application that will keep your data and allow you to restore it to the new account. With these simple steps, you will be able to create an account for Whatsapp plus without losing your data.

whatsapp plus apk

  • Do Whatsapp plus have disadvantages?

When you are downloading an application directly from Google, it is common that you have this question in your mind. According to some users, Whatsapp plus has few threats that may be harmful to all users. 

They have reported that some of their data were stolen by some unauthorized people. Also, they have lost their data and personal information while using this messaging application. They said that the data you are sharing with this application will not be secured and can be accessed by hackers easily. 

No doubt, Whatsapp plus offers end-to-end encrypted messages but the hackers can access the entire account by investing a little time in hacking techniques. So, you might be careful while sharing any confidential information with your friends via this channel.

  • Wrapping Up:

Whatsapp plus is overall an efficient application to use for different purposes. You will find it an amazing application and can complete your tasks with it precisely. You should give this application a try while you are looking for an amazing experiece.

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