Download GTA 5 APK – Android and IOS OBB Data (Working)

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is one of the best games of all the time which is developed by Rockstar Games. GTA 5 along with its diverse storyline, interesting character and awesome depiction with 3D animation has carried the gaming experience to another level. GTA 5 with its full boom was released in September 2013 by generating the Highest revenue by an entertainment product in 24 hours. The whole plot revolves around three men in San Andreas who can do anything for the sake of money. GTA 5 is an action-adventure game that takes you to the world of fantasies that seems too close to reality as well. 

GTA 5 APK – Download IOS and Android

You must have played GTA 5 on your PCs but did you know this time you have the amazing opportunity to play it on your phone too. Yes that’s astonishing! Now you can download the GTA 5 Apk on your android as well as IOS. Enjoy the world of crimes and insanity on your phone. GTA 5 took place in a fictional city of Los Santos and its surroundings.

Storyline of Grand Theft Auto 5

The entertaining storyline of GTA 5 revolve around three main characters, a middle aged looter Michael De Santos, his old friend Trevor Philips an insane mental case and a young black guy Franklin Clinton. This three man gang initiates multiple heists and missions by collaborating for their mutual personal interest that is money. A beautiful plot and linkage of three different characters and then their union was somewhat distinctive from most of the game’s plots. Character switching feature allows the gamers to easily switch between Michael, Trevor and Franklin during missions. With hundreds of unique locations around the gigantic world of San Andreas, every location has its own vibe that seems very close to reality. Characters can freely roam around the city on different vehicles with or without missions. 

The major theme of GTA 5 is crime so during the game play you will definitely indulge  in theft arrangements, violence, lootes  and have immense entertainment by hijacking helicopters. Being involved in illegal acts and violence, the players have to keep running from the law as the fate of the whole gang depends on it. For the first time in the history of GTA you can play the game with the perspective of first person that makes GTA 5 more crazier and fun.

Online Mode of GTA 5 Android:

Another exciting fact about Grand Theft Auto 5 is the online mode with multiplayer option. So now you can have the most insane gaming experience along with your friends where players can join hands and control the city by violent crimes. After downloading the GTA 5 Apk, you can go to settings and enable the online mode and have this maniacal experience while sitting anywhere in the world. In online mode of GTA 5 we can customize the character, change his look, gender,  body, and costume too.

Graphics & Sound Effects for GTA:

From a gamer perspective, one of the most important aspects of any game is its Graphics. With GTA 5 mobile we can experience the immense graphic experience. World class gamers have been praising the Graphic as well as Sound effects of GTA 5. Rockstar games have invested so much time, effort and money in developing the reality based graphics so that gamers can get a close to reality experience with wonderful animations. To run GTA 5 smoothly, we know that a decent RAM as well as a 3D graphic card is a must. You are just one step away from the extravagant entertainment, click the download GTA 5 Apk button, forget all the grieves and enjoy this wholesome experience.

Features of GTA 5:

As GTA 5 plot is huge so there are plenty of amazing features  that are unknown by many players as the game has a huge plot so it requires a good time investment to finish the whole story. Let’s discuss the amazing features introduced by Rockstar Games:

  • With an amazing story building and story continuity, GTA 5 is far more better than other games
  • GTA 5 has come up with a fascinating driving experience that allows you to have seamless control over the car making game play even more smoother
  • Multiplayer option allows the gamers to play along with friends in the online mode and collaborate in different missions 
  • The game play has three different possible endings Option 1 “Killing Trevor” Option 2 “Killing Michael” and last one is “Saving Trevor and Michael”
  • Highly compatible with Android as well as IOS with amazing user experience 
  • Customization options in GTA 5 allows the player to customize the cars and clothes for entertainment purposes
  • There is an option to explore the oceans by the scuba diving experience that is part of some missions
  • Another exciting thing in GTA 5 mobile is to invest your money in stocks and real estate so that your money can make more money
  • With new choosing from menu option, it has become very easy to pick a  weapon from the collection unlike GTA 4
  • Last but not the least there is a submarine in the game as well.

There are numerous features introduced in GTA 5 that you will explore after downloading the GTA 5 and playing it yourself. Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best games of the crime genre.

Requirements to install GTA 5:

As we know that GTA 5 is a graphically demanding game so it is an obvious fact that GTA 5 would only run on high performing android systems. So before pressing the download button you must determine whether your phone fulfills the requirements to install GTA 5 or not. 

Here are basic requirements for installing GTA 5:

Operating SystemAndroid 4.4.0, preferably higher
RAM2 GB or 2048 MB
ProcessorQuad-core or more
GPUAdreno or more
Storage2 GB

How to install GTA 5: 

The next step is to download the GTA 5 apk if your system fulfills the basic requirements. Without wasting the time let’s learn how to install the GTA 5 for endless fun with Micheal, Trevor and Franklin that will submerge you in the world of crimes beyond your imaginations. Become the lord of Los Santos and control the fate of the state.

Here is the basic tutorial to download the GTA 5 apk on your phone within 2 to 3 minutes and entertain yourself constantly. The installation process is the same for android as well as IOS devices. Here are the basic steps for installing GTA  in a mobile phone.

  • In order to download the gta 5 apk file, firstly click the download button below.
  • After downloading the gta 5 apk file, click it to install the file on your mobile phone.
  • In order to install the game, permit the third party application on your android device, go to settings.
  • Next step is to check for the security options in the settings  and turn on the unknown sources.

After performing these basic steps gta 5 will be installed on your phone, the game will get certain information as well as OBB records.  Now you can have never ending fun so now you can hold your heart and indulge in the war and crime against the law in the world of GTA 5 where you are free to roam around, have fun and party.


Yes, GTA 5 mobile is 100% real. The game is exactly the same as GTA 5 for PC and other versions. So just click the download GTA 5 button and enjoy the craziest experience on your phone.

We have provided you with the complete package of GTA 5  so just click the download button and enjoy one of the most iconic experiences for free on your mobile phone. But in order to play GTA 5 you must have a grand theft account as you need to login to your account for amazing game play.

We have provided the complete details above about the download as well as installation of GTA  5 apk on your device so that you can effortlessly enjoy the game play. The whole process will hardly take 2 3 minutes if you have good internet connection, just click on the button below.

GTA 5 is not available on the playstore but you just need to click the download button to install GTA 5 on your mobile phone in the safest possible way. These files won’t cause any harm to your device so do not worry and have a party in Los Santos Clubs.

We have explained you about all the details regarding GTA 5, the installation process of  Grand Theft Auto 5 in your smartphone is like a piece of cake only if your system fulfills the basic requirements. All you need to do is follow the given tutorial for installation. We have provided files that needed to be installed. So what are you waiting for? Download it now.

GTA 5 is definitely a thrilling journey with limitless adventure. For the first time Rockstar games have developed the most detailed and vast gaming world, that includes the depth of oceans too. You will forget all your worries in Grand theft auto San Andreas world’s madness. With the amazing graphics it gives a real life vibe. So just chill and play GTA 5 while lying in your bed. 

If you have any queries or problems regarding the GTA 5 apk download, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also do not forget to share your experience  gta 5 gaming experience on your mobile phone. 

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