Hoverzon S Hoverboard Review In 2023

Hoverzon S Hoverboard Review In 2023

The Hoverzon S hoverboard has been out and about for a while now. Nevertheless, it still has a pretty strong following all over the world. Often compared like-for-like with the Swagtron T1, the Hoverzon S was designed to be all things to all riders. Modest in price and with looks to die for, the Hoverzon S blends simplicity and performance. What’s more, it’s also designed to be as user-friendly and possible for beginners. Thus, making it a popular choice among newbies out for something a little more premium. The brand certainly has pedigree on its side. Plus, you can’t help but like the Hoverzon S when you first see it. But you have to wonder if it’s really got the guts to deal with some of its fiercest rivals on the streets like now.

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Attributes of Hoverzon S Hoverboard

Attributes of Hoverzon S Hoverboard
  • The hard rubber tires aren’t the bigger or softest you’ll come across, but make for a smooth ride on most smooth surfaces.
  • It’s pretty much a must for kids getting started for the first time, but also makes the whole experience noticeable smoother and more effortless for adults too.
  • The most important feature of the Hoverzon S is its revolutionary gyroscopic technology. Something becoming the new standard for ultra-premium boards the world over, this incredible balancing technology makes it so much easier to mount and ride the Hoverzon S safely.
  • Though it doesn’t affect the overall performance, I personally like the way the wheels look they’ve got real alloy hubcaps bolted onto them. It just adds to the premium feel of the whole package, which is nice.
  • Smart battery management watches over the safety of the cell, so it’s right up there with the best of them as far as fire safety goes. Plus, there’s inbuilt gear stabilization technology, which once as makes the ride as a whole much safer, smoother, and more balanced.

Experience with Hoverzon S Hoverboard

The first impression I got from the Hoverzon S Self balancing scooter it’s hardly a featherweight piece of kit. And with no strap or handle to carry it around, you’re definitely going to need a bag for this one, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This being something delivers in spades you get the feeling in an instant it was built to last. Step on it once, and you’ll see for yourself what kind of difference the gyroscopic technology makes.

Experience with Hoverzon S Hoverboard

While some boards tilt and wobble all over the place, it makes it as easy as stepping onto a static step. So if you’re new to boarding or plan to pick one up for your kids, you could definitely do worse than the Hoverzon S. Cycling through the various performance modes, I can promise you there’s a definite difference from one to the next. 

A Super-Smooth Ride on Flat Surfaces

Out and about, the 8mph top speed is more than enough for most people. Though it might feel a bit limited if you’re used to anything faster. For example, put this thing next to the Swagtron T6, and it feels a little sluggish.

A Super-Smooth Ride on Flat Surfaces

Likewise, it’s been designed for use exclusively on smooth surfaces and won’t fare well when faced with the rough stuff. It also isn’t water-resistant, which is always a bit of a shame. Still, it got me where I was going quickly, easily, and with the kind of smooth comfort, you can’t help but be impressed with, which I was – especially for such a reasonable purchase price.

The Bottom Line

Bringing it all together, I can only recommend the Hoverzon S Hoverboard with flying colors, based on my own experience. Admittedly, it doesn’t have all the crazy features, functions, and added garnishes some of its rivals boast. But at the same time, that’s not why it was created. Instead, this is about using the best technology out there to create a board that’s simple, reliable, and suitable for just about anyone. I think the Hoverzon S would make a great choice for any newcomer, who prefers not to settle for a bargain-basement piece of $100 trash.

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