YoWhatsApp APK Latest Version यो व्हाट्सएप Free Download 2022

YoWhatsApp anti ban is one of the fantastic and latest versions of this messaging application. We all know that WhatsApp has become the need of every person due to innovations in technology. No doubt, YoWhatsApp is a fantastic application that allows users to enjoy end-to-end encrypted conversations.

It is found in almost every second Android device. YoWhatsApp is an extended and mod version of the original application in which you can personalize every section. With this app, you can easily control any option or setting just according to your requirements. Therefore, YoWhatsApp was launched to give access to all those inaccessible features from the original platform.

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  • What is YoWhatsapp?


YoWhatsapp is an extended version of the original application in which you can personalize every section. With this app, you can easily control any option or setting just according to your requirements. 

The major benefit of this version is that you will enjoy numerous new features. You will be able to make your conversation with anyone charming and comfortable by using every option available. In short, you will find Yo Whatsapp excellent for chatting with anyone without getting restrictions while using the application. 

Before downloading this messaging app on your device, you need to know about it deeply. We have everything that you need to know regarding this application. Just keep here about its amazing features and the reason why it was launched.

YO Whatsapp APK

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  • Features of Yo Whatsapp:


It is an extended version of Whatsapp that was launched with an extensive list of features. Let’s have a look at the functions of this app that make it better than the other ones.

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  • Call Blockage:


In an official application, you must get prank calls off and on. The reason is that you can’t customize the call privacy section. Due to this, anyone can get your number, save it on his mobile, and start irritating you through calls. 

Yo Whatsapp was designed by keeping this factor in view. With this mode of application, you can simply set who can call you or who can not. It will enable you to restrict unknown people from calling you. 

Also, you can choose who can call you even if he is available in your contacts. In short, it will allow you to change call settings and use different privacy settings from this section.

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  • Multi-lingual feature:


YO WhatsApp Apk

No matter which messaging application you are talking about, it will only allow you to message in your regional language. Most probably, it will enable you to use English as another language for chatting. But you will not find any other application in the given list. 

With YoWhatsapp, you can easily choose any language from the list of almost 100 languages. It means that you can switch to any language with simple taps on your screen. So, the conversation with anyone around the globe has become easy with this feature.

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  • Customizable privacy:



Sometimes, you need to create extra privacy barriers to keep your conversation or app usage private. With the official app, you can’t do this because you will find only a few options under privacy settings. 

If you want to enjoy extraordinary options to customize privacy settings, then you are at the right place. Yo Whatsapp will allow you to complete this task as per your requirements. By using its privacy settings, you can hide your active status, last seen, and many other sections. 

You can also check the status of your contacts without getting visible in the list. The only thing you have to do is choose the right section of privacy settings and customize it properly.

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  • Different background for all


Sometimes, you want to keep your conversation charming and attractive with someone whom you love. By replacing the theme or background of that chat section is the best way to do this. But have you noticed that the background after changing will be replaced for every conversation in the official app? 

With YoWA, you can do this task separately and manually for every chat. It is because you don’t need to browse app settings, but it will be done via conversation settings. Just open this section and replace the background with any image available on your mobile or theme section of the app. 

With this, you will be able to change the background for only that specific conversation. All the other conversation’s backgrounds will remain the same as before.

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  • Unlimited themes availability:


The interface of this app is simple as the original application. Sometimes, it might give a dull look to the user, and he might get bored by looking at it for a longer time. In this way, he needs to change the theme of Whatsapp to get a new look from its interface. 

On Whatsapp, there are only a few themes available for this task. You might not like any of those to set as your app theme for making it perfect. Using Yo Whatsapp, you can quickly do this task just by extracting the theme from the theme store of the app. 

It will allow you to check a collection of hundreds of themes from scratch and use any of them according to your desires. You will get themes for almost every situation by browsing this theme store. 

First of all, you need to download your required theme from the asset store. Then, you have to install that theme in your application. It will ask you to keep changes from the previous theme or not. So, you need to allow to keep them or not as per your requirements. 

In this way, you can change the entire look of the application at any time you want. 

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  • Share multiple images in a single message:


It is one of the most amazing features given by Yo Whatsapp to all of its users. With a simple application, you can only share a maximum of 30 images at a time. It is not enough when you have to share database images, assignment images, and any other document with an excessive number of pages. 

Using this extended version of the messaging application, you can share up to 70 images per turn. It means that it has reduced your efforts even if you have hundreds of images to share with anyone. 

This feature is helpful for both sender and receiver. It will be easy for the receiver to save all the images properly in a specific pattern after downloading them in a single turn. 

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  • Heavy files sharing:


We all know that Whatsapp does not allow a user to send a heavy file having a size of more than 16 Mb. It is the most irritating factor for many users who have to share media files with heavy sizes. 

Yo Whatsapp has solved this problem by making a file shareable having up to 700 Mb size. It means that you can easily send or receive even a full movie via this channel. This is an amazing feature that has made it possible to share files without using a data cable or USB.

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  • Customizable color of the interface:


YO Whatsapp APK

This application has a built-in blue color for the entire interface. In simple Whatsapp, you can only switch between light and dark modes to change the interface color. But this extended app will allow you to choose the color manually by checking the list. 

For this, you only have to go to settings and choose the interface color from the available list. In this way, it has become easy to keep the interface of this application engaging and attractive. 

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  • Chat hidden option:


FM WhatsAPP apk

The most amazing feature of this version is the chat hidden option. In the official application, you can archive chats to keep them hidden from the screen. But anyone can access them simply by clicking on the button named “Archive chats.” 

In this way, your data will not remain private from others. With this feature, you can hide any chat that you want to keep confidential from everyone. This app will keep your chat in that list and allow you to reopen it using a password. 

So, you can hide all your personal or business conversations to avoid unauthorized access by others.

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  • How is it different from the original Whatsapp?


You might have understood how this Whatsapp version is different from the official one by reading the above list. But you will find many other differences in this application as compared to official Whatsapp. You can get an idea about those differences deeply by evaluating the following sections.

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  • Font style and size:


The main difference between both these versions of Whatsapp is the display of messages. You will find Yo Whatsapp with an extended list of font sizes and styles. With this feature, you can change the text style and size according to your conversation nature. 

It has become a magical factor for marketing people and students. You can easily make your text attractive if you are promoting a product. Similarly, it will be easy for you to change the size of the text to make it more prominent and visible for the receiver.

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  • Status length:


YO Whatsapp APK

In Whatsapp, the most used feature is status through which a person can show his feelings and thoughts to all of his contacts. With this, he can convey his message to anyone without even targeting him. 

The original Whatsapp allows the short status length of almost 1000 characters. It means that you can’t write a status more than this word count. With Yo Whatsapp, you can share a status having up to 250 words. 

This word count is almost equal to a short essay that allows the user to explain his thoughts properly. In this way, it is far better to explain your thoughts to anyone without getting word limitations.

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  • Share images and videos without losing quality:


Most of us use different channels to share images and videos without losing quality. If you are an older internet geek, you must have been used Gmail or Google Drive to complete this task. If you are sending a high-quality image or video to anyone using Whatsapp, the receiver will not get the same quality after downloading. 

Using Yo Whatsapp, you can do this task using the same channel without shifting to any other. It will not harm the quality or resolution of the image and video. In this way, the sender and receiver will get the same quality.

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  • Built-in locker:


YO Whatsapp APK

Most of the time, we want to keep our conversations private. For this task, we use the built-in locker of our device if it is available. Otherwise, we need to download an external application for this task. 

Yo Whatsapp is different from the original application in this case too. You will get a built-in locker for this application. With this, you can lock the application or any of your conversations to make it private. 

If your mobile has a fingerprint sensor, then you can use that feature to lock your Whatsapp with its own locker. It means that you can create barriers that won’t be able break by any other person to get an idea about your Whatsapp data.

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  • Access to deleted messages:


YO Whatsapp APK

It is an amazing feature that makes it far better than Whatsapp. If some user has updated status and delete it after a while or he has deleted some messages after sending you, these will remain visible. 

It means that all of those messages will be deleted from the sender’s side only. You can still view them and get a look at what the sender has shared with you. This feature will help you when you have to keep any data save in your Whatsapp database. 

YO Whatsapp APK

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  • How to download and install Yo Whatsapp?


Now, you have understood about Yo Whatsapp in detail. Let’s have a look at how to download this apk and install it on your device. First of all, keep in mind that you can install this application on an Android device only using simple means. 

If you are looking to download it on your desktop, you must keep some other factors in mind. You should get and install some external programs on your device for this task. We will discuss them later, but now our concern is in which Android you can run this application. 

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Here are the requirements that your mobile must fulfill for the smooth working of this application.

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  • Download Yo Whatsapp

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  • Once you have found your mobile eligible to install this application, you need to download Yo Whatsapp.
  • There are two main methods with which you can download this app on your mobile
  • First of all, you can use your PC to download this setup and then copy it into your mobile. 
  • It might be a lengthy process, but a lot of users are utilizing it.
  •  Secondly, you can directly browse our website and download this apk using the following link.
  • It is not a Google play application that you can download from here. But it is a Google application that you have to download from this website. 
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  • Installation of this apk


If you have downloaded this application, you have to install it properly. Here are those steps that you need to take during the installation.

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  • First of all, you need to uninstall the official Whatsapp from your phone. 

FM Whatsapp apk

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  • We recommend you take a backup of your data before uninstalling the application.

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  • It will enable you to keep your data safe even if you are changing the application.
  • You can use any external application for this task. 
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  • When you have taken the backup, you have to uninstall this application.  

YO Whatsapp APK

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  • Now, just open the downloaded file of Yo WhatsApp.

YO Whatsapp APK

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  • Your mobile will show a warning box to tell you that you are installing this application from an unknown source.

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  • You only have to allow installation by getting into your phone setting and check for installation settings.
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  •  It will then take few minutes to complete the installation process of this messaging app.

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  • Now, you can enjoy any of the above features in your Android device fearlessly. 

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  • FAQs?

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  • Can I upgrade the official Whatsapp in Yo Whatsapp?


It is not possible to upgrade the official account to YoWhatsapp. You need to create a new account for this application. But you can restore your data from the previous application into the new one using the above method.

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  • Is it possible to backup data from Whatsapp to YoWhatsapp apk?


Yes, you only need to get a backup of your data using an application. After installing YoWhatsapp, just open the app and restore your data into the new account. It will be simple if you have got a reliable backup program from the internet.

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  • Will my official account will be banned after using Yo Whatsapp?


No, your official account will not be banned after using YoWhatsapp. Many people have the same question as it is a rumor that Yo Whatsapp is illegal and banned by official platforms.

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  • Is it safe to use this version of Whatsapp?


Yes, it is safe to use this application on your mobile. There are no restrictions either by Google or official Whatsapp on this application.

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  • Why has Whatsapp become the most used messaging application?


The main reason behind its popularity is the simple interface and a quick conversation with anyone over the internet. It has made the process of contacting your loved ones anywhere around the world easy. That is why it has become the most used messaging app in the world.

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  • Is it possible to use YoWhatsapp directly from the Web?


Like Whatsapp, you can’t use this version of the application directly from the web. You have to download this application to your device to use it and chat with anyone.

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  • Final Words:


Whatsapp has become a magical tool for modern communication. YoWhatsapp has made it more efficient than the official one to access any person and make a connection with him. It has the capacity to give you a memorable experience regarding app interface, chat options, and all others. So, it might not be wrong to say that this is the best version of messaging app available over the internet.

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