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FMWhatsApp or Fouad WhatsApp is an amazing application that a lot of users enjoy keeping on their phones. FMWhatsApp is the best application for sending and receiving messages for any task. It will allow you to communicate with anyone without getting fear of your data theft. This platform is offering you an end-to-end encryption service. It means that no one will be able to read any message except the sender and receiver. Alongside, it has a simple interface that can be understood by anyone

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is an extended version of Whatsapp the official application that is made to improve user experience. You may have found some bugs or limitations in features while using the official application. That was the reason behind the lunch of FM WhatsApp. It is an enhanced version of an application in which most of the features are unlocked. By using this application, you can access almost every button of this application to make it just according to your desires. 

Fouad Mokdad designed this application to give users great relief by customizing every feature according to their dreams. In this way, you can decide what you need to get in your communication and which thing you want to get rid of. In short, it is the best application for messaging anyone without facing many issues. Here are some general features that you will get in the FM WhatsApp APK.

FMWhatsApp apk

  • General Features of FM WhatsApp:

No doubt, it is impossible to get an idea about every part or function of any application without using it. You will get to know slowly about all the features one by one as you will be going to use them. But it is also important to get an overview of features before downloading any application. That is why we are here with a list of some general features that will improve your experience while using this application.

  • Customization:


The main reason why people find official Whatsapp incomplete for their use is the dull and usual interface. A user can only switch between dark and light mode to get a different look. But it is not enough to get an engaging interface and customize it according to requirements. 

FM Whatsapp has extra features to accomplish this task and get an interface that looks perfect. It allows you to change the background of every chat or the entire application in simple steps. In addition to this, you can customize other sections like about, phone number, chat background, and few others. 

In this way, you will be able to get the desired look by your application and can use it properly.

  • Send messages to anyone:

FM Whatsapp APK

If you are an older user of Whatsapp, you must know that you need to save a number on your phone to send a text message or call to anyone. It might show all your details like username, about, and profile picture when you have saved a number. 

In this way, you can’t connect to anyone without showing your identification. FM version of Whatsapp allows you to do this in an efficient manner. It has a feature with which you can directly send messages and make calls via Whatsapp without saving any number. 

With this, it has become easier and fast to send messages to anyone and communicate with them.

  • Application for all:

FM Whatsapp Apk

FM Whatsapp is also becoming popular and engaging people because of regular updates according to innovation in technology. You will find this program compatible to be used on any device with all the latest functions. 

The reason behind this is regular and timely updates done by developers of this apk program. So, you won’t have to worry about any latest emoji, font style, and other functions while you have this version on your phone. 

  • Anti-delete property:

FM Whatsapp Apk

If someone has removed or deleted messages just after sending you, these will be removed and can’t be read in the official application. So, you won’t be able to read what the sender has sent to you. 

You might leave some important information due to this reason. Fouad Whatsapp has reloved this problem by introducing an anti-delete function. With this, you can even read all those messages or view images that the sender has deleted before getting a look. 

When the sender will delete a message after delivery, it will only be removed from his side. He will not come to know that you have read his message unless you have told him this manually.

  • Sender name and message color Adjustment:

FM WhatsApp APK

When you are looking to make an interface of chatbox attractive, you have to change the receiver name color and text color. With this, it will give an attractive look to your mobile application. 

FM Whatsapp allows you to do this with simple clicks. You can easily adjust the color of the text and the name of the sender by following a simple process. It is not only available for the personal chat section but you can do this task for group members and customize everything according to your choice. 

  • Fast transfer of data:

FM WhatsApp APK

On official Whatsapp, it takes a lot of time even if you have to share a file having 15-20 Mb size. You might have to be connected to the internet for a longer time to complete the process of data sharing. It is because your sent file will have to pass through the database of Whatsapp first before reaching the node.

FM version has been made efficient to resolve this problem and allow you to do fast processing. It will not take more than few minutes if you have a strong internet connection to share 100s of Mbs files. Whether you have to share a document, book, or any other media file, it will allow you to complete the process.

  • Built-in airplane mode:

FM Whatsapp apk

Sometimes, you want to be alone without any social connection like Whatsapp friends, Facebook friends, and others. But you can’t do this as you have to switch off your mobile that is not good. 

With FM Whatsapp, you can do this by turning on the airplane mode of this application. It has a built-in feature with which you can enjoy a comfortable life without notifications from this messaging program. 

You can utilize this feature when you want to watch a movie without any interruption. In short, you will find this feature amazing to enjoy in your leisure time.

  • Privacy Features of FM WhatsApp:

In addition to general features and functions, it has many extra options to give you an extra layer of privacy. With this application, you can do multiple actions to keep your data secure and communication private. Here are some functions that you can use in the privacy sector.

  • Remove forwarded tags:

FM WhatsApp APK

In recent updates by the official application, it can be now seen whether you have sent a forwarded message or not. On the top of the message, it is labeled as forwarded if you have done this. You can’t remove this tag and in turn, your privacy will burn out. 

With the FM version, you can remove this tag by checking into privacy settings. It means that no one will be able to know that you have forwarded it. Everyone will think that it is your personal message. In this way, you can convey anyone’s messages without showing that he has told you that.

  • Hide blue tick and delivered tick:

FM WhatsApp APK

Sometimes, you want to avoid people and live in your space for a while. For this, you need to cut out from the internet that is almost impossible at this time. So, what can you do to show that you are unavailable?

The best method to show someone that you don’t exist at that point in that time is to hide your activity. It is pretty simple to do this task when you have installed FM Whatsapp on your mobile. It will allow you to hide a blue tick that will show people the reading status of the message. 

Along with this, you can disable the delivered message tick which keeps showing that you have not come online yet. In this way, you can utilize your time to do other tasks without hurting anyone. 

Also, you can customize this blue tick setting to make it visible only once you have replied to a message. It will give a real look to your activity and the opponent will know that you have replied just after reading a message. In this way, you can create a private space even keeping your connection with the internet.

  • Hide typing and recording section:

In addition, to hide your activity, you can also hide typing and recording status. You have seen when someone is typing a message, you will get a notification under his name to show this action. Similarly, you will get a label for recording audio with which you can check either the person is available or not. 

With FM Whatsapp, you will be able to hide both of these actions or any of them for getting strong privacy. No one will be able to know that you are typing a message or not. Therefore, you can reply to any message at any time without getting problems.

  • View status secretly:

FM Whatsapp APK

In this time of technology, it has become difficult to keep your identity private when you are stalking at other’s activities. Sometimes, you want to check the status of someone without letting him know, but you can’t do this on official Whatsapp. 

FM version allows you to check the status of anyone without letting them know. Your name or number will not be shown in the list of status viewers. In this way, you can keep your identity hidden and use all sections of Whatsapp.

  • Call blocker:

The biggest problem in simple Whatsapp is that anyone can call you even if you are unknown to him. How to resolve this problem of pranks and bogus calls? FM Whatsapp is allowing a user to customize call settings and choose from whom he wants to get calls and whom he wants to restrict. 

You can allow all your contacts only to make a call on your Whatsapp. If you have some people in your contact list for whom you want to create limitations, just keep them in the restricted contacts list.

In this way, you will get calls from only those persons who you like and want to communicate with.

  • Last seen Freeze:

FM WhatsAPP apk

It is an amazing feature of this apk mod application with which you can set last seen according to your choice. When a person will open your chat, he will only see that last seen that you have selected. 

With this, you can hide all your activities from other users available on Whatsapp.

Download FM Whatsapp Apk

FMWhatsapp apk Download

  • A complete guide for installing FM WhatsApp:

Now, you have enough information about FM Whatsapp and its features. Let’s have a look at the proper method to download and install this application on your android.

  • Installation guide for FM WhatsApp:

The process to install this application will be smooth and quick if you have followed the method step by step. First of all, you need to get a backup of your data from the official application. It will allow you to get your data again after the installation of this Whatsapp mod version

You can choose any backup application from Google play to complete this task. If you don’t have any important data, you can skip this step. It means that it purely depends on your choice either you have to get a backup or not.

Once you have taken a backup of your data, just follow these steps to complete the installation.

  • Uninstall the official application to remove your account

FM Whatsapp apk

  • Download this FM Whatsapp apk on your mobile phone

  • Tap on it after installation
  • It will show a warning box that will give you an alert that you are going to install an application from an unknown source

  • Just open the settings of your phone and search for app installation

FM whatsapp apk

  • Toggle on the button available in front of “Allow installation from unknown sources”
  • After turning it on, just come back to the installation screen
  • Check if the installation has started or not

FM whatsapp apk

  • If not, again tap on the downloaded file of FM Whatsapp

FM whatsapp APK

  • This time, you don’t need to give permission for the installation but it will start directly

  • FAQs?

  • Is FM Whatsapp better than the original Whatsapp?

If we discuss the overall features of this application, FM Whatsapp is far better than the official one. It is because of the extensive and upgraded features that you will get in this version. You can enjoy its working for any personal or professional purpose. 

According to some users, it has been seen that Whatsapp is more secured than the FM version. They stated that it can be hacked easily if you have shared some confidential data via this channel. So, you have to keep both these views in your mind while looking for FM Whatsapp installation.

  • Is FM Whatsapp an officially designed application?

No, it is not an official application by Whatsapp. It is an upgraded version made by third-party developers and launched only for direct download from Google. You won’t get this file from Google play like the official one.

  • Can I use FM and official Whatsapp at a time on the same number?

It is not possible to create both accounts on the same number. If you are thinking to do so, keep in mind that your official account will be banned without any warning. Therefore, you need to uninstall the official application before making an account with the FM version. It will keep you away from any kind of restrictions by the official Whatsapp in the future.

  • How to check if the opponent person has FM WhatsApp or the original app?

The process is pretty simple to do this analysis. You only need to keep a check on the activity of a person. First of all, you need to check how much time it is taking to show delivered message ticks. Also, you need to check if you are getting responses just after getting blue ticks on your screen. 

In the last, you have to check the last seen of the person off and on. With these steps, you will be able to check which version of Whatsapp the person is using.

  • Conclusion:

FM Whatsapp is one of the best and most reliable versions of this messaging platform. If you really want to enjoy a chatting application, then you must download this apk and install it on your device. The only thing you have to do is customize the application properly. 

You will be able to do this after using this app for some duration. It will not take much time to complete this task because of its simple interface. You will get every option available at a distance of a single tap on your phone.

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