Top 10 Features of Gbwhatsapp in 2019

In this article, we will be taking you through a brief introduction on GbWhand 10 cool features of  Gb Whatsapp, and much more.

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GbWhatsapp is the most popular modded version of the original application called Whatsapp. It works as a premium version of Whatsapp and has amazing features that we are going to talk about below in the article.

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1) One of the best features about Gb Whatsapp is that it allows you to forward docs and images with the size of up to 30 MB and can be forwarded to 600+ contacts at one go!

2)    The second feature that we are going to talk about is that Gbwhatsapp allows you to hide chat and disable story/online status, and much more.

3)    The third feature that we are going to talk about is that Gbwhatsapp allows its users to search on the web for content while chatting with other people.

4) The fourth feature is that GbWhatsapp also allows its users to call on airtime and is the third platform through which one can do a voice/video call.

5) The fifth feature is about scheduling messages, pictures, and videos on the go. Suppose, you want to send a Good Morning message to anyone in the morning, you can schedule for the same in the night.

6) The sixth feature is that a user can lock in and out of personal and group chat messages whenever he/she wants to maintain the privacy.

7) With this feature, a user can translate a message into 100+ languages from anywhere in the world.  This is said to be the main reason behind global domination of GbWhatsapp as the best-modded version of Whatsapp.

8) The eight feature is that users are allowed to send messages, images, videos when offline. This is rated as the best feature of GbWhatsapp.

9) A user can create shortcuts of multiple chats, send more than 10 images at one time ,and do  much more.

10) The tenth and the last  feature we are going to talk about is that Gbwhatsapp allows users to install and register multiple numbers on a single phone. This is another best rated feature of Gbwhatsapp.

Note : The  features that we have talked about is  in no way meant in chronological order. You can download WhatsApp Gb through their official websute.

[su_label type=”black”]Final Words –[/su_label]

Thank you for reading the article, the exhaustive list of 10 cool features of GbWhatsapp is created after looking into different reviews and statements made by users, experts, and publications both online and offline respectively.

Let us know if we have missed out on an important point and keep following the blog for more such articles.

The post is in no way rated or sponsored by Gbwhatsapp, and it’s  development team.

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