3 Tips for Styling a Sterling Silver Layered Necklace

Are you looking to increase your jewelry collection in 2023? If so, you need a sterling silver layered necklace to help you spice up your best outfits.

This type of necklace has many uses! If you choose the right type of sterling necklace, you will not only look stylish but feel stylish as well.

We can help you determine what type of layered necklace you should be wearing this spring and summer. Keep reading below to find out how to wear a layered necklace.

sterling silver layered necklace

1.Incorporate Different Designs and Lengths

Start by choosing a key necklace to be the focus of the look. This necklace should set the stage for the others. Then, choose a necklace that has a unique shape or design that contrasts with the key necklace.
When layering, opt for shorter chains that fall higher on the neck and longer chains that will draw attention to the neckline and midsection of your outfit.

Depending on the look, you may also consider incorporating necklaces with different-sized beads, charms, or pendants. The most important aspect is to find your own unique style that expresses your personality and completes your look.

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2.Consider Pairing a Statement Piece

Bold and chunky pieces with attention-grabbing details like beading, hammered textures, and geometric shapes work well to contrast the dainty delicacy of the necklace. Selecting colors is equally as important when styling, reaching for neutral tones like black, white, and gray can help to emphasize the sleekness of a silver piece.

Alternatively, adding complementary colors like blush pink and splashes of blues and greens can create a more vibrant look. White gold and sterling silver are both stylish options and can complement any ensemble. However, when making your decision, it’s important to keep longevity in mind.

Sterling silver, due to its lower cost, offers excellent value as it’s more malleable and more resistant to scratching. This makes it less susceptible to wear and tear. Ultimately, the choice between white gold vs sterling silver comes down to personal preference and individual style.

3.Add Charms for a Personalized Touch

To add charms to silver jewelry, pick out small sterling silver charms that are in the style and that you find aesthetically pleasing. If the necklace has several strands, use different charms on each strand to create an eclectic and custom look. Once charms are chosen, simply attach them to the necklace with the tiny clasp on the charm.

Aesthetic charms can be hung near the center or to the side of the necklace for further customizing. Having charms hang down will add weight to the necklace for an even more unique touch.
Sterling silver charms come in a variety of shapes and sizes which allow for comprehensive creativity when styling layered necklaces.

Wear a Sterling Silver Layered Necklace Today

Styling a layered necklace with sterling silver can be a great way to add visual interest to any outfit! Play around with different sizes and shapes to get the perfect blend of sparkle and shine.

No matter what look you are going for, take the tips above to ensure that your sterling silver layered necklace is the star of your outfit. Try out this styling technique and make a fashion statement today!

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