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Best Part Time Jobs For Students [2023]

Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Earning money while you’re in college is of utmost preference. It helps you pay your bills, fund weekend outings, and save extra cash. Most universities permit students to work part-time for 20 hours a week, allowing them to earn while studying. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, part-time jobs have extended since the pandemic hit. The number of people employed part-time for economic reasons (because employers devaluated full-time jobs, laid people off, or otherwise had to alter their workforce) increased from 4.4 million in February 2020 to 10.9 million in April 2020. Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students.

Why Work Part-Time?

Why Work Part-Time?

Almost every industry has part-time jobs. These possibilities, typically requiring less than 30 hours of work per week, can give you some viscosity without the demands of a full-time job. You might be able to work remotely, and, depending on context and employment status, you may earn paid time off or holidays off, too.

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Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Median hourly rate: $32.27

A writer creates communication materials: in print, online, or both. Short-form content might include social media or blog posts, pamphlets, and email copy, while long-form content could mean articles, web content, newsletters, reports, white papers, and even books. You might be allocated to a topic, or you might pitch and create content on your own. Regardless, you may also have to conduct discussions and research and will usually work with an editor or someone who oversees the quality of your work. Some writers specialize in a particular topic or form, science or finance journalist, technical or medical writer, or grant writers, for example while others might write more broadly. Entry-level writing gigs usually need at least one year of experience, which could be an internship.


Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Median hourly rate: $24.90

Tutors help students, children, or adults learn a subject or skill. The material could range from fundamental subjects like basic math to high-level content like the SAT or college-level physics. Tutoring doesn’t always occur during “normal” business hours, with many clients preferring to meet after work, at school, or on the weekends. Unlike teachers, tutors don’t need formal accreditation. Still, they need a deep knowledge of the subject they’re teaching, which usually translates to at least an undergraduate degree.

Marketing Specialist

Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Median hourly rate: $31.64

A marketing specialist is responsible for promoting or selling products or services to new or existing customers, individuals, and organizations. Specialties include email marketing, market research, social media, e-commerce, and search engine marketing (SEM). Still, the work fundamentally centers around understanding a target audience and how to reach and persuade them to take action. You may need an undergraduate degree in marketing, communications, or journalism.

Graphic designer

Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Average hourly rate: $25.66

A graphic designer supports a business by creating illustrations, graphics, and other visual concepts and content. Projects can vary from a short-term deliverable like a flyer that needs to be visually appealing to a large-scale project like a book or magazine. According to BLS, a college degree or equivalent coursework is usually essential for developing the necessary skill set, which may include web management if they’re putting these designs online. Graphic designers can be hired with a year or less of experience, which students can bridge with an internship, summer job, or pro bono work with a club or faculty member.

Massage Therapist

Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Median hourly rate: $20.97

A massage therapist works with clients on the muscles, and soft tissues of the body to decrease pain and tightness, relieve pressure, and improve health. They can work with various client types in multiple settings, from salons to doctors’ offices to hospitals. Usually, massage therapists complete a program with 500 or more hours of study and hands-on training, and most states require a certification or license (the exact requirements vary by location). There may be the opportunity to focus on a specialty like sports or deep tissue massage. Depending on the workplace, a massage therapist may work in shifts or as scheduled with clients, but there’s often flexibility based on the workload and clientele.

Computer Programmer

Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Median hourly rate: $42.88

A computer programmer makes sure that an application or software runs correctly by writing code for new software and features and testing and fixing code regularly as bugs are discovered. A bachelor’s degree is helpful, but some programmers can obtain positions with an associate’s degree or no degree at all. Some companies hire part-time programmers, or you can pursue freelance or contract opportunities.

Software Developer

Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Median hourly rate: $52.95

A software developer designs applications and programs. Unlike programmers, who typically execute a plan or optimize a program, developers are more involved in creative imagination and problem-solving when an app is in its early stages. They might analyze user needs, brainstorm ways to address them via an application or feature, design the various elements of that software, lay out different project pieces for programmers to execute, and handle documentation.


Best Part time12 Hours Jobs For Students

Median hourly rate: $27.08

Plumbers install, maintain, clean, and repair water, gas, septic, and other systems and fixtures from toilets to dishwashers. Depending on the context and your specialty, you could work in a person’s home or in a commercial or municipal building. As companies work to be more sustainable, plumbers may also help conserve water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Answer – As a matter of fact, many organizations look for candidates who have some experience working in the industry. It shows your passion and willingness to learn. So yes, having an experience in part-time jobs counts when applying for a full-time job.

Answer – In addition to the mentioned ones, some other part-time jobs for students include graphic designing, library assistant, sales executive, and telemarketing at BPOs.

Answer – As part-time jobs are for students, it is quintessential to consider your schedule while applying. You have to keep your college timings, assignments, and other such factors in mind while applying for part-time jobs.

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