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Clearing Out Clogged Gutters: Quick Fixes for a Rainy Day

Does the rain always seem to come when you’re away from the house?
If you own a home with unkempt gutters, you know the frustration of coming home to see rain or leaves in your driveway every time it rains. It’s something that you should not leave for another day – but you never seem to know what you can do.
We’re here to help. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to unclog gutters:

how to unclog gutters

Prepare Your Supplies

Gather ladders, rubber gloves, a bucket, and a garden hose with a nozzle or pressure washer. Move the ladders to the side of your house near the clogged gutters. Put on the rubber gloves and have the bucket and garden hose or pressure washer nearby.

Make sure the ladders are sturdy and the base is on firm ground. If possible, have a companion to help spot you so you can focus on the job. Remember to always practice caution when handling ladders and moving around on a slippery surface.

Scoop Out the Debris Into a Bucket and Throw It Away

It’s important to clean out clogged gutters to prevent backed-up water and potential water damage. First, you need to look for areas in your gutter where debris is concentrated.
Once you’ve found these areas, use the scoop to draw out the large chunks of debris that are clogging your gutters. Place the debris in your bucket and carefully climb down your ladder. Once you’re safely back on the ground, you can discard the debris in your bucket into a trash bag.

Use a Garden Hose or Pressure Washer to Flush Out the Gutters

Once you’ve scooped out the debris, you can start to flush out the remaining clogs with water. Make sure to adjust the pressure of the garden hose or pressure washer to a low to medium pressure. Generally, the recommended pressure should range from 1400 to 2500 psi.

Begin flushing the gutters from one end and move in a continuous downstream direction. Inspect the water coming from the downspout. If it’s running clear, then you know your gutters are cleared of debris. If it’s still not running clear, flush the gutter again and then check if any clogs have occurred.

Brush Out the Stubborn Dirt

Once the gutter is cleared out, use a garden trowel to scoop out any remaining slime, moss, or dirt. Then, use a gutter scoop to scoop out any additional debris until the gutter is completely clear.
Call Professional Services (If Necessary)

If the previous steps do not succeed in clearing up your clogged gutters, then you need to call professional services for assistance. Professional gutter cleaning services can provide additional help. They can repair any damaged parts of the gutter or inspect the entire gutter system for efficient flow.
Experienced gutter cleaners like the people at, can also provide advice. They can advise you on proper gutter maintenance to avoid clogged gutters in the future.

Follow Our Guide on How to Unclog Gutters Now!

Managing clogged gutters is necessary for the health of every home. Prioritize cleaning your gutters regularly, and have a plan ready for that rainy day.
It’s easy if you follow the steps above on how to unclog gutters. And if it still didn’t work, then it’s time to call the professionals.
Don’t wait for your gutter problems to get worse. Start working on it as soon as you can!
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