EPIKGO Classic Hoverboard Review In 2023

EPIKGO Classic Hoverboard Review

It takes something special to stand out in today’s crowded hoverboard market. In the case of the Epikgo Classic, something special is exactly what you’re looking at. Even at a glance, it’s pretty clear that the Epikgo Classic Hoverboard is a fantastic piece of engineering you’d love to get your hands (and feet) on. Boasting UL 2272 certificate and state-of-the-art safety elements, this classic series self-balancing scooter from Epikgo is an all-terrain powerhouse of epic harmonies. Bragging roughly 80% more power than most comparable boards, the twin 400W dual motors can carry even the most severe riders at a speed of up to 12km.

Inclines of up to 15 degrees are no hardship for this board, which boasts big tires for dealing with all off-road terrain. Significantly, you’ll infrequently see a review with glowing praise for the Epikgo self-balancing scooter. Rated and suggested by thousands of happy consumers worldwide, this board has been prepared to go places you wouldn’t usually dare take a self-balancing scooter.

Features Of EPIKGO Classic Hoverboard

Safety at its Best

Safety at its Best

With Epikgo, you can rest assured about complete safety while riding, as it has the industry’s best standards in safety. With the UL2272 certified board and UL2271 certification for Smart battery from LG, the hoverboard is safe from probable fire hazards. It has passed over 159 tests on safety restrictions.

The Best Metal Hummer hoverboard reviews is known for its durability and performance. In this review, we’ll delve into its standout features and why it’s considered one of the best choices for riders.

Most Powerful

Safety at its Best

Dual 400 Watts motors power the Epikgo hoverboard along at a speed of 10 miles per hour. A full charge is reasonable for more than an hour of pleasant riding. It can also climb slopes, which are up to 18-degree steep. Unlike the other hoverboards, the motors in the Epikgo are placed on the board rather than on the wheels. This gives more space on the board, leading to better stability.

Cruise on any Terrain

Cruise on any Terrain

You can ride the Epikgo UL 2271 in any geography, including mud, sand, grass, and more, as it is built with a sturdy body, solid tires, a powerful motor, and a lasting battery. The IP65 certificate provides you can ride through water without any worries.

Big and Mean Machine

Big and Mean Machine

He analogized to competition hoverboards, the Epikgo scores in all aspects, from the powerful motor to its UL 2271-certified battery. It is powerful and more extensive, ensuring better ride, space, and control for the rider. The fast-charging ordnance is very sophisticated all adding up to a great product to buy.

How Powerful Is The Epikgo?

Let’s talk about power. As soon as I got on, I felt this beast’s strength. Dual 400W motors make it a powerhouse, giving it 800W total, which is what you want for off-road adventures. This power lets it climb 18-degree inclines and sail along paved surfaces, enjoying a smooth ride. It is not one of the fastest hoverboards out there, but it is powerful for kids and adults.

Charging Time

Charging Time

I was impressed that this electric hoverboard’s charge time and battery life are respectable. 2-hour fast charging technology does the job without waiting all day. This is about the same time it takes for the Gyroor Hoverboard to charge. I wouldn’t call this the best for this tier of self-balancing scooters, but given the top speed and range on a single charge, it is very decent.



Epikgos self-balancing scooter offers a smooth ride on the pavement, and it transcended my expectations on rougher terrain like grass, rocks, sand, and mud. Those dual motors are exactly what it needs to keep you rolling, and the 8.5-inch tires grip the terrain tight. This hoverboard feels pretty heavy when you carry it, but thankfully you will be doing more riding than taking. The LED lights are nice and bright for night rides as well. This vehicle perfectly combines speed and solid structure, guaranteeing you won’t get stuck in the mud.


  • The entire board is strongly built
  • Can travel on any type of terrain easily
  • Great speed makes it pleasure, which improves further when you overtake your fellow hoverboarders effortlessly
  • Super powerful motors provide good balance


  • The larger wheels place your center of gravity at a higher level, which can cause some stability issues.

The Final Words

It’s a speck on the expensive side for what it is. There’s no way almost it, even with the 400w dual motor. Nevertheless, I think this Epikgo sports automobile is worth the price, believing how well-engineered it is to endure off-road all-terrain requirements. If you want a ul2272 certified commuting hoverboard, go elsewhere or buy an electric scooter or skateboard, but if you are going off-road, this is what you enjoy. It has flawless power thanks to those 400w motors, speed, and weight combination to own just about any terrain. It also has a nice significance limit for adults.

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