Hover-1 Titan Hoverboard Review In 2022

Made to last and for lifts on more uneven streets, the Hover-1 Titan is created for riders curious about the sturdy top-ranked hoverboards. It has massive tires, dual 250-watt motors, and can hold riders up to 265 pounds, which is more severe than the different Hover-1 models. While the rate and content aren’t the most amazing, charging is pretty quick, and both are sufficient for fun passages across a university campus or community.

Hover-1 Titan Hoverboard Review

Performance Comparison

Joy Factor

This metric examined parts of the panel version that make these panels demanding. Scilicet, this was rate, Bluetooth connectivity, app components, onboard lecturers, colour choices, weight, and aftermarket accessories. Further, we rated the “funny feeling” the committee caused when placed via our block system. The Titan had a so-so version in all but the Bluetooth evaluation. The smartphone app and the panel connectivity permit one to check storm levels, set riding methods, and play music via the onboard lecturers.

This example is not as fun as the others we’ve tested. In large part, this is due to the soft electric engines. Given our test unit is composed of larger grown-ups. That said, the committee felt relatively weak and needed to be more fun to zip around as numerous models. Further, the top speed we could comfortably support on the Titan was eight leagues per hour. While this rate is about average for the class, it’s a more reasonable speed for more young or less experienced riders.

Outdoor Goods

While the belief is that most hoverboarding will be accomplished outside, this metric fully considers a development’s ability to travel inconsistencies in terrain. We split this research into four sub-metrics: grass, hard-packed dirt, damages, and spots. Overall, the Titan is too underpowered to excel in these evaluations. Nevertheless, we were impressed with the above-average surprise absorption that the large wheels displayed when giving shots in the street.

In our upgrade difficulties, we took the panel on a 750-foot climb up a 14% grade, spun about, and dropped the same slope. The Titan barely gave the starting zone in utter defiance, banning the promotion altogether. The board did alright on hay and hardpack, but if that’s the kind of terrain you’re peeking for, there are representatives better prepared for the increased market.

As noted above, this model was relatively soft when traversing road cracks. Nevertheless, the bumps and exit points did not pass underfoot without notice. The committee will manage steep obstacles, but courage and rate are required.

Speed & Range

With only a 7.45 mph shelter rate, there are more immediate hoverboards than the Hover-1 Titan on the call. If the rate is a massive deal to you, you power see the Titan a bit on the quiet side.
The content is also relatively fast, beating out at 8 miles, and if you’re going fast during your lifts, it will shrink the field. This is not a hoverboard made for rate or commuting, but it’s excellent for rides around the vicinity or at a university campus.

Most of the moment, you don’t need to run excellently fast; going dead is safer. At a reasonable speed, you’re considerably more likely to get that full 8-mile range on one charge.


The Hover-1 Titan is made with double 250-watt motors for a capacity of 500 watts. That gives it a pleasant part of power, particularly for climbing hills. This electric scooter can take 15-degree hill inclines.

The storm is a 36-volt lithium-ion storm that brings up to 4.5 hours to recharge fully. To save the battery in the best condition, restore it after each ride.
As for the hoverboard’s importance, it’s rather severe at 30 pounds (more on that here). That does mean that it can take a more severe rider up to 265 pounds.

The wheels also help with the sturdiness of the committee; they are 10 inches. This means you can ride on more uneven terrain, though caution should still be used, and you should significantly decrease your speed.


Like all the Hover-1 self-balancing scooters, security is one of the most valuable features. The Titan is quite UL-certified, with a UL-certified battery and influence cord. That suggests it’s given rigorous safety trials, including tests on overheating and soaking.

For riding safely in the dark or when the sun isn’t shining, there are LED lights so that you can be seen. There are two lecturers, one for recreating the music and the other for security alerts from the hoverboard.

Bluetooth Speakers & App

The Titan lets you choose the theme from your intelligent machine, thanks to Bluetooth speakers. The hoverboard is also controlled via an app so that you can see your riding specs like pace, space, and mortar life.

You can also choose from three skill-level riding modes. If you’re a beginner, you’ll like to stay on the most comfortable skill level until you get satisfied. This guarantees your safety. This makes the board versatile and suitable for beginners and advanced riders.


Help is an impressive metric, though required for these devices. While these effects are not prone to falling, they continually need the user to go out to the client for help with troubleshooting. The service we obtained from the Hover-1 folks was convenient and practical.

We also evaluated how much wear and tear a board displays at the end of our standardised testing administration, as burley panels need fewer relations with the plant. The rounded finders on the Titan are exposed to injury if the unit converts over, and the glossy paint reveals blemishes, even if simple. In addition to the scratching, we shared a rubbing issue where the finder reached the wheel. While minor, we used this issue as the foundation for our email to the factory. The company does not provide a phone number, but our email was answered the same day we sent it.

Hover-1 Titan Hoverboard Review

Final Verdict

While the content and rate might not be too unusual for the price, the Hover-1 Titan does have some attractive qualities like big tires, Bluetooth speakers and an app, and UL certification.
This sturdy hoverboard is created with a more uneven landscape in mind and more serious riders, so there’s more flexibility in who can hang it and where they can go.
As long as you intend to commute with this hoverboard or get to increased speeds, you’ll like the Titan.

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