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We want the Hover-1 Titan because it has a neat long gun life and doesn’t command an arm and a leg. This device also delivers a reasonably soft ride that goes everyday bumps in the street, mostly overlooked. Customer help is quite decent as well. It should be mentioned that the board functions best for more lightweight riders, despite the advertised significance limit. To this point, the board itself is on the softer side, creating it easy for youngsters to pick it up and get cruising. They will likely get bored before the battery runs out, a significant plus in our book.

Made to final and for rides on more uneven streets, the Hover-1 Titan is created for riders curious about sturdy top-rated hoverboards. It has massive tires, dual 250-watt engines, and can carry riders up to 265 pounds, a more severe max than the other Hover-1 standards. While the rate and range aren’t the most amazing, charging is pretty quick, and both are sufficient for fun rides across a university campus or community.

Version Comparison

Joy Element

This metric examined parts of board arrangement that create these boards pretty. Namely, this was speed, Bluetooth connectivity, app features, onboard orators, colour choices, weight, and aftermarket additions. Further, we rated the “fun feel” the board caused when putting through our barrier course.

The Titan had a so-so version in all but the Bluetooth evaluation. The connectivity between the smartphone app and the panel permits one to check battery groups, set riding methods, and play the theme via the onboard speakers.

This model is less fun than others we’ve tried. In large part, this is due to weak electric motors. Granted, our trial team is composed of more significant grown-ups. That said, the committee felt pretty soft and could have lived better fun to zip around on as numerous other samples. Further, the top speed we could comfortably support on the Titan was eight leagues per hour. While this rate is about par for the course, it’s better for more youthful or less skilled riders.

Joy Element

Outdoor Interests

While the belief is that most hoverboarding choices be made out, this metric fully considers a development’s power to travel inconsistencies in terrain. We divided this study into four sub-metrics: hay, hard-packed dirt, cracks, and bulges.

Overall, the Titan is too underpowered to excel in these evaluations. However, we stood impressed with the above-average shock absorption that the big reels said when giving cracks in the road.
In our incline tests, we took the board on a 750-foot climb up a 14% grade, turned around, and descended the same slope. The Titan barely passed the starting zone in utter defiance, refusing the promotion altogether. The board did okay on grass and hardpack, but if that’s the terrain you’re looking for, there are better-prepared boards for the developed market.

As noted above, this model was relatively soft when travelling through cracks in the road. Yet, the bumps and door entries did not pass underfoot without warning. The board will work vertical blocks, but courage and speed are required.

Client Service

If your Titan has a situation, you can go to the authorised Hover-1 website and click on the Help and Troubleshooting tab. There, you can see all kinds of directions, development manuals, and more, so you can quickly respond to a question and improve the board yourself.

You can also offer a ticket to a client rep if you like. All Hover-1 hoverboards have a 90-day fixed part and work contract. This protects against any faults with the engine, guns, motherboards, lamps, control, and gyroscopic detector.

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Client Service


The battery evaluation is where the Titan shined the most promising. Our review of the product’s battery stands established on the field, advanced time, and restore time. While the recharge time was relatively moderate at 3 hours, the advanced time was surprisingly prolonged at simply shy of 2 hours.

The Titan even ate up a whopping 10.6 miles of flat land. An impressive feat that many very costly measures cannot come. To try the content of each example, we use a standardised method of known size on flat, even ground. We then moved the circle at as close to the top rate as potential until the storm died. This trial is an example of how a commuter would use these machines

Conversely, the run time test uses a built-to-purpose block system that includes tight turns, pirouettes, and back-and-forth manoeuvres. This evaluation gave us a fair idea of how long one can recreate on the board.

The lead time was simply a measurement of the time needed to recharge a fully drained battery. The two earlier described tests deliver the perfect option. Once the battery was exhausted to the point that we could get no extended ride, we packed it in and timed how long it took the light on the charger to turn the garden, showing a fully assembled recharge.


In many patients, weight is a straightforward assessment of the price of an item in comparison to its quality. The Titan is unique because its execution reaches its price with one glaring anomaly: battery life. The lengthy run time and range that the battery affects create this puppy a fair value.



The Hover-1 Titan had combined test results. It is a lower-cost board that, for the most part, serves as desired. However, this hoverboard has a substantially long gun life. While the colour choices are excellent, and it has a comfortable soft ride, the run time made this panel stand out in our lineup. So, if you’re examining a durable hoverboard without the sticker shock, this one is worth a spin.

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