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Mind Sliver 5e: Unleashing Mental Devastation

Invading the mind exists as just a thing of science fiction. Fantasy settings have been dabbling in cognitive magic since early on in their inception. Mindflayers in D&D 5e are just one instance of a creature specializing in this form of magic, but what about player qualities? What psychic spells are in D&D 5e, and what classes can launch them?

Mind Sliver 5e: Unleashing Mental

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition has 18 spells capable of dealing psychic damage. Artificers, clerics, and rangers cannot cast any psychic spells. However, every different spellcasting class has access to at least one episode that can deal with psychic harm. If you’re interested in learning more about each psychic spell or like to figure out what spells each class can access, keep reading below.

What is Mind Sliver in D&D 5e?

Mind Sliver is a cantrip, which means it can be cast at will without spending a spell slot. It targets an unmarried creature within range and strives to penetrate its mind, implanting a sliver of psychic power that disrupts its cognitive processes. This interference dilutes their mental protection and leaves them vulnerable to further physical and magical spells.

What is Mind Sliver in D&D 5e?

How Accomplishes Mind Sliver Work?

When you cast Mind Sliver, you create a tiny strand of psychic power directed toward a critter of your choice. The target must follow on an Intelligence saving throw, or else they mourn the debilitating results of the spell. If they fail the protection throw, they take a small amount of psychic damage, and the subsequent saving throw they make before the end of your next turn is created with a penalty.

How Accomplishes Mind Sliver Work?

Mind Sliver and Psychic Antagonism

It’s important to mention that particular critters possess psychic opposition, which can reduce the point of Mind Sliver. Be aware of your competitors’ capabilities and adjust your plan accordingly. While some rivals may shrug off the effects of Mind Sliver, it still serves as a practical resource in exhausting their limited aids and forcing them to adapt their practice.

Mind Sliver and Psychic

Mind Sliver in Action Situations

In the heat of a match, Mind Sliver offers incalculable utility. Its ability to impose a penalty on saving throws can open up opportunities for your allies to land crucial blows or for you to follow up with additional potent spells. Mind Sliver can be thrown repeatedly as a cantrip, securing a steady stream of mental trouble throughout the encounter.

Mind Sliver in Action

Phantasmal Force

The target of Phantasmal Force must create an Intelligence holding throw or see an illusion that carries form within their mind. The caster of the spell crafts the illusion and determines what form it takes. The illusion can occupy the space equivalent to a 10-foot cube and creates noise, has its temperature, and create other stimuli along those lines. The target is the only critter that can see the fantasy and treats it as if it existed real.


The illusion is so realistic that if the caster selects to create it in the form of something dangerous, like another animal, a vat of acid, or a pool of lava, it can hurt the target. If the mark is in the same space as the extent, the illusion deals 1d6 psychic harm to it every turn that it is within reach.

This spell has many possible effects that can easily change a battle’s tide. Cheating a powerful enemy into crossing a bridge over a lava river when the bridge accomplishes exists is a powerful tool.

Raulothim’s Psychic, Lance

The caster unleashes a lance of psychic power that launches at its target’s forehead. The target must make an Intelligence holding throw taking 7d6 psychic impairment on a failed save and is hindered until the start of the caster’s next turn. If they succeed on the saving throw, they take half injury and are not incapacitated.

Raulothim’s Psychic,

The damage on this spell is upright, but the ability to potentially incapacitate an opponent is powerful. It’s a great spell to use on a creature that isn’t recreating with a full deck of cards if you know what I mean. They’re dumb. That’s what I mean.

Limits and Drawbacks of Mind Sliver

While Mind Sliver is a universal and powerful spell, it does have its limitations. Some creatures may be immune to its effects, causing it useless in specific meetings. Additionally, since Mind Sliver needs an Intelligence saving throw, animals with increased Intelligence scores may prove more resilient to its results. Consider these limitations and plan, therefore, to maximize the spell’s energy.

Limits and Drawbacks of Mind


In the vast world of D&D 5e, Mind Sliver stands as a formidable cantrip that unlocks the potential of mental manipulation. From cutting adversaries in combat to influencing key moments outside of warfare, this spell offers endless possibilities for creative and strategic gameplay. Harness the energy of Mind Sliver, steer the complexities of the mind, and evolve into a true expert in psychic devastation.

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