7 Best Note-Taking Apps for iOS/Android in 2019 to Take Your Notes


To keep a record of the ideas, thoughts, someone’s contact number etc. we need a note-taking app in our iOS or Android devices. There are so many times when an idea clicks in our mind or something worth writing suddenly comes into our mind. Now the question is where do we put those ideas or thoughts?

What is Note Taking Apps:

Note-Taking Apps are as same as any note-book which we use to save anything important as they are more like a sort of digital-equivalent of note-diaries. Since, these note-taking apps are digital hence they can do a lot more for us for instance; these apps are capable to save our important notes in the cloud or can also sync those notes across multiple devices.

You can also snap pictures and save them, record audios, upload various documents, clip pages from any website or can do a lot more.The Search feature available within the note-taking app enable users to search anything within a few seconds as these apps keep you documents or important notes well-organized.


1. Google Keep – Notes and Lists:

Google Keep

Google Keep quickly captures whatever is in your mind. All you need to do is speak a voice memo on the go and it will automatically be transcribed. One can do a lot of things with Google Keep such as you can save important notes, lists, add photos. You can also share your ideas or any important note with your friends.

Google Keep lets you find what you need fast with its color or add label feature. You can easily find anything on multiple devices as everything you add in Google Keep syncs across all of your devices so that you may find it later. You can also access Google Keep on the Web or you can also look for it in the Chrome Web Store at .

Download Google Keep (FREE)


2. Evernote:

Evernote App

The app supports input-typed notes or hand-written notes. You can also add to-do list, images, photos, audio clips, web pages and lots more. Evernote enables you to focus on what’s important for you and have access to your important documents or note whenever you need them.

Evernote syncs all your important notes across multiple devices hence, you can access them easily as well as conveniently anywhere. With Evernote note-taking app, you can create notebooks, planners or organizers also you can share all your important notes with your friends or anyone.

Download Evernote for Absolutely FREE


3. Microsoft OneNote:

MicroSoft OneNote App

On number 3 we have OneNote offered by Microsoft. The app basically lets you type, hand write or draw anything which you want. The best part about OneNote is that you can scan handwritten notes or pages straight into OneNote.

Students can draw mind maps to design their ideas for their upcoming assignment. OneNote works great with apps i.e. EXCEL or WORD which definitely enable users to do more. You can easily share your notes with any friend or anyone. OneNote is the best note taking app for students as you can easily take your notes during class, mixing in texts, ink or even web clippings.

Microsoft OneNote organizes your important notes or documents so intelligently hence, you can easily search for any important note anytime anywhere. Anywhere because, the app also syncs your notes across multiple devices so that you may easily find anything on-the-go as well.


Download Microsoft OneNote (FREE)


4. Squid  – Take Notes & Markup PDFs

Squid App

Squid has recently partnered with Google to offer an incredibly fast and user-friendly interface to its users. With Squid you can take handwritten notes naturally on your device. The best part is that you can easily markup PDFs to fill out forms, edit papers or to sign any documents. The app also gives you the option to save your data over a cloud and you can easily share it later with your friends. You can also turn your device into a Virtual whiteboard with which you can easily give presentations in your classroom, meeting or conference.

Download Squid for Absolutely FREE


5. ColorNote Notepad Notes:

Color Note App

ColorNote is a simple notepad app which provides you an instant yet simple notepad experience. ColorNote is easier than any other notepad app or memo pad app. You can place widgets on your home screen just to make sure that you do not forget about any important reminder that you have set as a note in the ColorNote App.

App Features:

  • Checklist notes for To-do-list & Shopping list
  • Write a diary or journal in calendar
  • Password Lock note : Protect your notes with passcode
  • Powerful task reminder : Time Alarm, All day, Repetition.
  • Sticky note memo widget (Adjust your notes on your home screen)
  • Secured backup notes to SD storage.
  • Quick memo/notes
  • Organize notes by color (color notebook)
  • Supports online backup/sync. You can sync notes between phone and tablet
  • Reminder notes on status bar
  • List/Grid View
  • Search notes and lots more

Download ColorNote (FREE)


6. Quip – Docs, Chat & Spreadsheets:

Quip App

You can do a lot with Quip such as edit docs with your colleagues, take notes and edit them in your phone, share notes with anyone, organize tasks list, chat in groups on docs and projects. Quip combines chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets all under one roof as its a simple place for work teams to create living docs. You can import your documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Google Docs, Box and more. You can also export documents to PDF and Microsoft Word.

Besides, so many other features, the spreadsheets feature supports cell by cell commenting and annotations. You can access your important notes across all synced devices (multiple devices).


Download Quip today for absolutely FREE


7. NoteBook – Take Notes & Sync:

NoteBook App

NoteBook by Zoho Corporation is an award-winning app on the Google Play Store of 2017. It is a Mac App, iOS App, web clippers for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can simply log onto https://notebook.zoho.comto view, manage and take notes online.

You can also use your Zoho NoteBook App on multiple devices by synchronizing all your notes to the cloud. You can also change the color of your notes, view your notes in either grids or landscape, record audio. In short, you can do a lot with Zoho Notebook App.

The app lets you organize your notes easily and conveniently. You can do a lot with Zoho Notebook App for instance; write notes, create checklists, record voice notes, scan docs, attach Microsoft docs such as PDFs or other files.

Download NoteBook by Zoho Corporation for absolutely FREE



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