How to Hire the Best Solar Panel Installer

Are you interested in installing solar panels in your home? If so, you’re not alone. Homeowners across the country are making the switch to solar power to save money and help the environment.
Yet, if you’ve never installed solar panels before, it can be a little intimidating. You’ll want to find the best solar panel installer in your area. Luckily, by doing a little preparation, you can ensure the process goes smoothly.
This article takes a look at what you need to know when hiring someone to install solar panels on your property. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on getting the best installation around.
Understand Your Solar Panel Needs
When understanding your solar panel needs, determine how much energy the panels will need to generate daily. Calculate the wattage required for your home or business. Take into consideration the energy usage and the amount of sun exposure your location receives.
It’s also vital to consider the size and shape of the area where the panels will need to be installed. Consider also the type of panels you need for your particular situation. This includes monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

How to Hire the Best Solar Panel Installer


Monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient solar panels on the market. They are single-crystal silicon cells. Moreover, they have the highest efficiency rating, providing the most energy per square foot.
One of the benefits of this type of panel is that it can work well in both high and low temperatures without any significant loss of production. They are more resistant to environmental factors than other types of solar panels. They can last longer in challenging climates while still delivering reliable power.
They are more compact and can fit into almost any roof configuration. Despite their higher cost, long-term performance and longevity make them worthwhile investments.



Polycrystalline solar panels use interconnected silicon chips to convert sunlight into electricity. They comprise many crystalline silicon cells of various sizes, shapes, and orientations to form a panel. This type of panel is known for its higher efficiency while also having lower manufacturing costs.

Polycrystalline panels work by converting the sun’s direct energy into electricity. It has high-temperature tolerance, expandability, light absorption, and energy storage capabilities. This makes it a great choice in areas with harsh climates and environmental conditions.
It is also an excellent option for large installations due to its low per-watt cost. Its aesthetic appeal also makes it a popular choice for residential rooftops. They are also the most widely used panel type in large-scale photovoltaic systems.


Identify Qualifications and Certifications

When looking to hire a solar panel installer, it is essential to identify their qualifications and certifications.
A business or individual should get proof of qualifications. This includes a degree in engineering, electrical installation, or a related field.
Certifications signify their knowledge and experience. It also signifies their competence in the field.
Additionally, look for installers who have passed rigorous tests or achieved certification from a recognized industry body. Solar installation certifications tell you the installer is equipped to handle the job with the proper skill set.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews can provide invaluable insight into potential solar panel installers. Be sure to read reviews from both people in your community and nationwide sources. Considering how important your solar panels are to your property, you should not take reviews lightly.
Ask for references from the company you are considering hiring, and then contact them to get feedback from their past customers. If possible, talk to an installer in person to get a better grasp of their qualifications.
Pay attention to customer feedback to determine if the installer was cost-effective and handled issues. Utilizing this research to make an educated decision will help you hire the best solar panel installer for the job.

Read Reviews and Testimonials Best Solar Panel Installer

Consider Financing Options

Reach out to many installers and inquire about their financing options to ensure the best hire. Ask about upfront costs and payment plans for different types of installations. Make sure to ask if there are tax breaks or other incentives they can offer as part of the installation.
Once you’ve narrowed down the installers, compare the financing options of each. Ask questions, read options carefully, and compare prices to ensure that you are getting the best deal and the best quality work possible.
By considering finance options, you can ensure you have the best solar panel installer for your project.

Verify Insurances

The installer must have the relevant insurance in place before they start work. This includes;
1. Public liability
2. Property or employer’s liability insurance
3. Professional indemnity insurance
The potential installer should be asked for a copy of their insurance policies during the selection process.
To verify the policies, contact the relevant insurer. Ask to confirm if a valid policy is in place. Make sure the policy covers the installer and any subcontractors who will work on the project and is sufficiently broad in its scope.
It is also advisable to request the expiry date of the necessary insurance policies. Doing this will allow for peace of mind that any work conducted by the installer or any subcontractors will be protected.

Consider Location and Availability

It is vital to consider the location and availability of a solar panel installer when hiring. Certain geographical features, such as roof pitch, shade, and other environmental factors, can affect the efficiency of a solar panel installation.
It is advisable to look for installers who are experienced and have worked in the local area. Ask about the availability of customer service, as any technical problems can be quickly rectified with the right support.

Best Solar Panel Installer Consider Location and Availability

Determine Your Budget and Compare Prices

Determining your budget and price comparison are two of the main steps you need to follow to hire the best solar panel company. It is vital to know the size of the system you intend to install and your desired cost per watt. Once you have done your research to determine your budget, compare the prices of different solar companies.
To ensure you are receiving quality work, it is vital to look for any potential red flags. It includes overwhelming customer complaints or the installer’s failure to meet deadlines when reviewing their profile. With time, effort, and research, you can find the best solar panel installer for your renewable energy solutions project.

Inspecting the Installation and Warranties

Inspecting installation and warranties when hiring a solar panel installer is essential. Ask the installer about the specifics of the warranties they provide after the job is done.
Read the entire contract and make sure that it includes a warranty on their workmanship. Also, include the warranty on the material they use to install your solar panels.
Inquire also about the specifications of the panel model that is being installed. Make sure that it meets the company’s exact specifications. Moreover, ask the installer what steps they take to ensure the safe installation of the solar panel system.
An experienced installer should have no problem answering all your questions. They will be able to show you evidence of the team’s expertise in solar panel installations.

Best Solar Panel Inspecting the Installation and Warranties

Ask for Bids and Choose the Best Option

When looking for a solar panel installer, it is important to compare bids from many installers. Ask for detailed quotes from each company that include a description of the materials, labor, and services provided, as well as an estimated time frame for the project.

Description of the Materials

It is important to assess the quality of the materials they bring. If possible, ask the installer for pictures or a description of any materials they plan to install. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s reputation as well as the type and grade of materials they provide.
Ensure that the selected solar panel and ancillary materials have been certified by a reliable third party. Also, ensure that they have approval from the local authorities and relevant study bodies.

Labor and Services Provided

The most important idea is to consider labor and services when hiring a solar panel installer. Create a list of potential installers and the services they offer. This list should include factors such as labor prices, warranties, and payment plans.
Get detailed quotes from each installer and compare the services they offer. Ensure that each quote includes a specific list of the labor and services provided, as well as a total price for the job. Doing this extra research will guarantee you choose the best solar panel installer for your needs.

Best Solar Panel Inspecting Labor and Services Provided

Estimated Time Frame

When hiring the best solar panel installer, the estimated time frame is a vital aspect to consider. It is vital to communicate with any potential installer about their estimated time frame to complete the job.

Hire the Best Solar Panel Installer Today

The best solar panel installers can be found by using the advice in this article. Get quotes from multiple solar panel installers, research their qualifications, ask questions, and look into the time frame of the job.
Following these steps will help you choose the right installer for your needs and ensure a successful project. Now that you have this knowledge, why not act and get started on finding the best solar panel installer for you?
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