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The Xprit hoverboard w Bluetooth speaker is an excellent option if you’re examining for a self-balancing scooter. It’s one of the most affordable hoverboards in the United States and has a max speed of six miles an hour. It also arrives with built-in LED lamps and a Bluetooth speaker. It even created our best hoverboard list because of its importance.
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Head out to a home experience with the SBW-666 Hoverboard. It is the ideal self-balancing scooter for anyone in the family. The SBW-666 model has the lowest consequence condition of 45lbs, suitable for children age seven and up, and can help a grown-up to a total of 165lbs.

Xprit SBW666 Hoverboard Review

The XPRIT SBW666 Pink Hoverboard

According to its teaching manual, the XPRIT SBW666 Pink Hoverboard is a sleek, self-balancing, high-tech mini scooter. It sets in 2-3 hours via an enclosed AC adapter and will deliver in the field of 45 to 75 minutes of hanging while (relying on the standard elements of your weight, the terrain you’re riding on, etc.).

With a top cruising speed of 10 Km/h and a maximum weight limitation of 75 Kg (that’s 165 pounds), it’s willing to have much weaker people than me all over design up to an unknown maximum length founded on the previous states of rider weight and the heart of the landscape you’re travelling on.

While 10 Km/h isn’t quite the most rapid rate that I’ve seen one of these panels living capable of doing, it’s always rather unique and is fast enough to have a lot of joy on (or to get injured falling off if you’re not careful).

In all truthfulness, though, this panel is undoubtedly best for smooth, flat characters and riders of modest size and importance (incidentally, there is also a minimum significance limit of at least 20 Kg or 45 pounds). It’s not an off-road or all-terrain example, and it’s not meant for more serious riders.
And yet I got on board this ‘mini’ scooter myself and rode it all over the local tennis courts for a long enough stretch of time to pass judgement on its version, which was very useful (more on that below).

As you can see, this panel is a brilliant, bubblegum pink shade that looks cool, though I somehow suspect that it was created with 200-pound-plus riders like me in mind.
It also features self-balancing for security and comfort of use, a built-in Bluetooth orator for cranking your favoured themes as you ride it, bright LED lights for a tiny bit of flash, and a loud alert alarm that runs off whenever you do any one of a significant digit of items that the scooter’s onboard computer considers to be wrong (like riding it too fast).

The general significance of this board is 8.6 Kg (so about 19 pounds), its width (or length) is 66 cm, its height/depth is 25 cm, and it is UL 2272 Certified for electrical and fire safety. You can know more regarding this increasingly critical safety measure through a search of our good friend Google.

The XPRIT SBW666 Pink Hoverboard is a great little scooter ideal for young beginner users. But how well did it fare hauling my rather large posterior around the local tennis courts?

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The XPRIT SBW666 Pink Hoverboard


The Xprit Hoverboard w Bluetooth orator has excellent execution. It has a top rate of six leagues an hour and a capacity of about six miles. It comes with a storm that can set quickly in only two hours and has a lifespan of around 45 to 75 minutes. It’s ideal for children and grown-ups, with a maximum weight capacity of 165 pounds. One item we liked in this hoverboard review is the Bluetooth speaker, which has an excellent sound rate. Another excellent hoverboard is the Tomoloo Hoverboard.
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Regarding design, the Xprit hoverboard w LED lamps have superb build quality. It’s very durable and perfect for both novices and developed users. It uses a 36V Lithium-ion storm and has 350W dual engines. This hoverboard weighs 19 pounds and has anti-slip rubber footpads. The Xprit also examines excellent and arrives in six different colours, including White, Blue, Camo, Black, Yellow, and Pink. It’s also UL2272 security certified for counted ease of mind. For something quicker, check out the Tomoloo self-balancing hoverboard.
Another great panel that may fit your requirements is the Swagtron T1 self-balancing scooter.


This Xprit hoverboard is priced reasonably, yet it is filled with many unique features. It’s appropriate for kids, grown-ups, and newbies to develop users. It can achieve speeds of up to six-mile per hour and has a capacity of six miles. There’s also a built-in Bluetooth orator to enjoy your piece on the action and LED lamps so that you are highly visible on the road. Overall it offers fantastic value for money, like the Gyroor Warrior hoverboard.

The XPRIT SBW666 Pink Hoverboard

Why We Want It – Xprit Hoverboard

The Xpit self-balancing hoverboard has a maximum rate of six miles per hour with a flurry life of 45-75 minutes on a full license. This hoverboard w Bluetooth speaker is perfect for seven-year-olds and grown-ups and is also UL2272 approved for protection.


  • Six miles per hour top speed
  • UL2272 approved
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker


  • Not the most immediate hoverboard
  • Limited capacity
  • Short storm life

Final Thoughts

Once again, I feel like I’ve shared a high-quality, full-featured, electronic hoverboard that is worth a watch for those needing such a machine (and who meet the weight range states).
The XPRIT SBW666 Pink Hoverboard is relaxed, moves well, and served well above my expectations during testing (because I would never have guessed that a board with a max importance power of 165 pounds could so easily haul about nearly 220 pounds). As such, I hold no problem suggesting this board to those in its mark audience.
If you’d like to pick up your own XPRIT SBW666 or a similar hoverboard or related product, visit Best Buy Canada online today and find your ideal model. Good luck and happy riding!

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