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Best 7 paying jobs in natural gas distribution [2023]

7 best paying jobs in natural gas distribution [2023]

Working in natural gas distribution can bring a wealth of benefits your way from a competitive salary and benefits package to increasing your industry knowledge, working with different people, and more perks.  The best-paying jobs in natural gas distribution are varied. You’ll find a mix of office jobs and fieldwork and on-site careers and more. If you’re looking for an exciting career that’ll keep you engaged and where you’ll make a difference, consider a natural gas distribution career. 

What Is Natural Gas Distribution?

The natural gas distribution industry is about the delivery of natural gas. Natural gas comes from oil and gas wells. The fuel is delivered to areas via pipeline.  The industry employs a variety of professionals from analysts to drilling workers, engineers, and more, which support the natural gas distribution industry. What you’ll like about this industry is that there are a bunch of different career options available, open to workers at all levels, from entry-level to experienced workers. 

What Is Natural Gas Distribution?

Natural gas distribution can feel intimidating but careers in this field are within reach for many people. Oftentimes your skills, knowledge and experience from previous employment can lend well in a natural gas distribution career. Careers in this industry can allow you to travel, get extended periods of time off, offer challenging work that keeps you engaged and pushes your boundaries, provide career advancement opportunities, is great for work-life balance, and gives you the chance to gain a ton of on-the-job experience.

7 Best Paying Jobs in Natural Gas Distribution

1. Driller


Salary: $50,862 per year

Drillers are construction workers who operate heavy drilling equipment. They must learn and follow equipment safety protocols. Drillers can choose which tools to use based on the material they’re drilling into. Drillers in the natural gas industry connect pipelines to underground natural gas pockets. Drilling takes a lot of energy and is one of the best-paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

2. Gas technician

Gas technician

Salary: $53,682 per year

One of the best-paying jobs in natural gas distribution is gas technicians. Gas technicians work with natural gas piping, faucets, and appliances. These technicians install and repair household and commercial machinery and equipment. They may also be in charge of ensuring that pipelines are properly connected at natural gas harvesting facilities.

3. Construction supervisor

Construction supervisor

Salary: $60,549 per year

Construction supervisors are to oversee construction sites. They collaborate closely with their construction team to ensure that the design specifications of their clients are met. Construction supervisors also collaborate closely with architects and engineers to ensure that the building is code-compliant and error-free. They work on gas harvesting sites in the natural gas industry, assisting in the construction of systems to gather it quickly and efficiently. It is one of the best-paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

4. Transportation manager

Transportation manager

Salary: $63,449 per year

Transportation managers oversee a team of transportation professionals to ensure that they transport as efficiently goods and materials as possible. This group typically comprises drivers and operators. Transportation managers in the natural gas industry work with their teams to get the materials needed by a construction team to build pipelines. Transportation managers may also coordinate personnel transportation to and from the job site.

5. Project manager

Project manager

Salary: $73,922 per year

From start to finish, project managers oversee all aspects of a project. Project managers who work with natural gas distribution coordinate logistics with the pipeline team, distribution team, and utility facilities. They meet with clients and provide regular updates on the progress of a project from start to finish. It is one of the best-paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

6. Distribution expert

Distribution expert

Salary: $54,710

To deliver products, distribution specialists collaborate with transportation networks. They operate machinery, load and unload vehicles, and communicate with suppliers. Distribution specialists in the natural gas industry collaborate with construction teams to source the materials and equipment needed to complete a job. They may deliver equipment to a gas-harvesting facility. It is one of the best-paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

7. Operations manager

Operations manager

Salary: $63,595 per year

Operations managers coordinate the various teams involved in the production of a product or service. They ensure that they meet development objectives on time and within budget. Operations managers in the natural gas industry communicate with pipeline construction teams to ensure they have the equipment and materials. They may also work with local officials to determine the best Jobs. It is one of the best-paying jobs in natural gas

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The Bottom Line

Oil companies are recruiting and interviewing students on college campuses in four key fields of study. A wave of early retirement by baby boomer employees many of whom are wealthy enough to stop working to avoid another painful bust in the industry has caught the oil industry off guard. Working any of the 7 best-paying jobs in natural gas can be highly lucrative.

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