Best Jetson Z12 Hoverboard Reviews In 2023

Jetson Z12 Hoverboard Review

The Jetson Z12 Hoverboard. Likewise, the fact that this hoverboard sells for a slightly higher price than most budget boards increases expectations further. With a massive range of hoverboards up for grabs for around $150, what can you expect from a board that costs closer to $250? In the case of the Jetson Z12 Hoverboard, the answer is pretty simple. This gorgeous-looking scooter has been designed to handle all terrain in its stride rather than being confined to smoother surfaces.

Hoverboard Galaxy wheels are no less than stunning, it’s said to have a relatively nippy top speed, and the whole thing has been built with total safety as a priority. Suitable for kids and adults alike, the extreme terrain Z12 galaxy hoverboard could well be the ultimate family-friendly board for on- and off-road use.

Attributes of Jetson Z12 Hoverboard

Attributes of Jetson Z12 Hoverboard
  • All boards from Jetson come complete with an exclusive companion mobile app, which can be used to control a variety of functions and performance settings.
  • The Z12 Galaxy boasts a unique exterior design with beautiful Galaxy’ LED wheels, which burst into life when the board is in motion.
  • The company’s exclusive ‘Active Balance Technology’ makes for a uniquely safe and stable experience. Ideal for newcomers and younger riders.
  • Designed with adults and kids of all ages in mind, the Jetson Z12 Galaxy Hoverboard has the power to carry riders as heavy as 225lbs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity brings further enjoyment to the whole experience – as does the in-built Bluetooth speaker for music on the go.

Experience with the Jetson Z12 Hoverboard

I have tested so many hoverboards that I’ve become a little skeptical about this particular claim to fame. The reason being that while hundreds of scooters claim to be off-road-ready, the vast majority are nothing of the sort. In the case of the Jetson Z12 Extreme Terrain Hoverboard, this well-presented board with plenty of power under the hood lies somewhere in the middle.

Experience with the Jetson Z12 Hoverboard

Starting with the good this is one of the most beautifully balanced and controllable boards I’ve ever had the pleasure of stepping on. I wouldn’t hesitate to hand it to a kid rider or a newcomer it really is as easy as it gets to mount, ride, stop and dismount. It also turns on a dime and has some of the most precise controls I’ve ever experienced.

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  • Capable of carrying heavier adults
  • Extremely powerful twin-400W motors
  • Good top speed of 11mph
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to carry


  • Not the most ‘extreme’ off-road ride

Final Thoughts:

The Jetson Z12 Hoverboard is, by all narratives, a high-quality on- and off-road scooter. It is excellent for the whole family and begets enough power to handle complex characters and heavier riders easily. That said, it’s presumably not the board to go for if you are planning on tackling sand, snow, and loose gravel. You’ll need something slightly more important, though in all other areas, the Jetson Z12 Extreme Terrain both impresses.

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