Best Sharper Image Hoverboard Review | 2023

Best Sharper Image Hoverboard Review | 2023

I’m going to be taking a look at the Sharper Image Hoverboard. Which, I must admit, I was slightly skeptical about at first. The reason being that having encountered a couple of sketchy reports online concerning Sharper Image Hoverboard fires, I wasn’t entirely sure as to the safety of this thing. To my pleasant surprise, I immediately discovered that the Sharper Image Hoverboard sent my way actually the new-generation version. Reinvented inside and out, it’s back in business with full UL 2272 safety certification, along with a brand new “learning mode” for newcomers and a whole bunch of upgrades.

Hence, all skepticism I had gone completely and permanently out of the window. Replaced instead with a huge sense of optimism, after reading the specifications sheet. Twin 350W motors, a maximum rider capacity of 220lbs, improved rubber tires, and advanced gyroscopic technology.

Features of Sharper Image Hoverboard

Features of Sharper Image Hoverboard
  • New and improved for today’s conscientious rider, the board is now fully UL 2272 safety certified for total peace of mind.
  • A new “learning mode” has also been built into the board, which can be activated by simply pressing the power button twice.
  • Improved gyroscopic technology makes for a smoother and more enjoyable ride than ever before, with significantly more precise controls.
  • Charging times vary from 2 to 4 hours, while the all-new battery can support approximately 3,000 charging cycles.
  • The maximum speed of this Sharper Image board is listed at 6.2mph, alongside an extremely impressive maximum range of just under 15 miles.

My Experience with Sharper Image Hoverboard

My Experience with Sharper Image Hoverboard

One look at this thing and it’s difficult not to be convinced. In terms of exterior styling and overall build quality, it really does look the part. I’ve not personally experienced the previous-generation version myself, so I’m judging this one entirely as a standalone board in its own right. From top to bottom, I can honestly say it was difficult to find fault with. Testing both the new “learning mode” and the standard riding mode, the whole thing was fantastically smooth, stable and enjoyable from start to finish.

The board was fully charged in just over 3 hours, after which I took it approximately 13.5 miles before it needed more juice. For a board at this price, that’s very impressive. The top speed of 6.2mph isn’t particularly exhilarating, but is more than fast enough for safe and enjoyable commuting.

Pros & Cons Of Sharper Image Hoverboard

Final Thoughts:

When I was initially approaching this review, I wasn’t really sure about the Sharper Image self-balancing scooter. Now that I’ve tested the new-generation version for myself, I’m convinced. I’d also happily recommend it to others. What it lacks in terms of added extras it more than makes up for in other areas. There are some boards that just ‘feel’ superior to others in terms of quality. This being one of them, which with its range of 15 miles and reduced battery charging times is an extremely versatile machine. Again, waterproofing would be a bonus, but it’s far from a deal-breaker.

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