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Silvana Mojica is a Columbian-American experienced marketer and representative famously known as the girlfriend of Dave Portnoy, creator of Barstool Sports. She has a massive colonial media cult and is well-loved for wearing her fashion and tendencies.

Silvana is an autonomous active experienced lady who has created a reputation for herself via her career in the enterprise as a marketer. She also put her trade talents to use effortlessly on her social media profile and made herself a model.

Her win in life has been credited to her hard labor and love. She is outgoing and whole of life with various goods and preferences.

silvana mojica net worth

Silvana Mojica, Who is she?

Silvana Mojica is a Columbian-American experienced marketer and bars best understood as Dave Portnoy’s (creator of Barstool Sports) girlfriend. She has a sizeable friendly media cult and is well-liked for her style, feelings, and understanding of fashion.

Silvana is an autonomous operating experienced woman who has built a reputation for herself as a marketer in the drive. She has also successfully used her trade skills to produce her own social media shape and found herself as a standard.

Her energy accomplishment has been attributed to her demanding job and confidence. She is vibrant and full of energy, with an expansive range of goods and choices.

Silvana Mojica, Who is she?

Silvana Mojica Early Life:

According to her Facebook bio, she currently lives in Miami, Florida, United States of America. According to her date of birth, Silvana is 26 years old (as of 2022). As of her delivery date, she has the zodiac signal of Aries.

She was brought here into the spotlight in September 2021 after admitting that she paid most of her time with David Portnoy, aka Dave Portnoy. He is a well-known blogger and entrepreneur. David revealed in a discussion that he values finishing his days with Silvana.

Silvana Mojica As a Model:

Silvana Mojica is also a lovely example. Along with her birth, she entered Strike mag and started operating as a logo representative for the exact. From her social media handle, we decided that she had marked a modeling accommodation with an American-based modeling tool.

In September 2021, she commercialized the famous circle’s logo ‘Kasa Karly. Moreover, her commercial has also been considered the billboard of time court. In line with her Instagram shape, she has also sported many clothes works, including Barstool sports; I live Gia and Giti online. Shivana Mojica has worked with multiple New York magazines, and she regularly visual commerce and trade multiple threads and cosmetic groups on her Instagram account.

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Silvana Mojica's Professional Career

Secret Life

Silvana is now understood to be in connection with Dave Portnoy, creator of Barstool Sports and host of the Dave Portnoy show with Eddy&Co. The two have been dating for a time but only publicly disclosed their relationship when. Dave said to her on his front. He told how the pair kept paying more and more time jointly.

They had been in media engagement since before march this year and have currently sincerely established the relationship. Silvana is an active visitor and has been on a trip to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, St Barths, Derby, etc. She also has a pet puppy called Brody, whom she saved herself.

Silvana Mojica’s Professional Career

Silvana started her job as a Brand Ambassador for Strike Magazine in 2017, during the final year of her capacity. She carried on to a position as a junior fund administrator for Uncommon Fashion in Atlanta, where she performed to increase social media attention and trade campaigns. She was there for a brief time before carrying on to a position as an account manager for Squeem in Orlando. Silvana Mojica has performed with style and textile companies and has vast experience in the trade and social media.

Silvana also functions as a standard on social media and has announced several clothing labels such as cute small things, Git online, Fashion Nova, Shop Full Send, and others, as well as existing printed in different magazines. In 2020, she switched jobs and started operating as a social media commerce associate for Giti. Inc in Miami. She includes been with the business for a year and is now residing in Miami.

Silvana Mojica Net Worth

Following the revelation of her connection with David Portnoy, Silvana has evolved to become somewhat well-known in current months. She wants the modeling and social media work she does for a living and is committed to her job.

According to some calculations, Silvana Mojica makes between ten and twelve thousand bucks in every modeling agreement, offering her a net cost of roughly 2.3 million dollars. Silvana earns a respectable living from her several jobs and side attractions.

Her modeling job would pay her between $10,000 and $12,000 monthly. She wants a beautiful life with all of the current amenities. On a conventional basis, her net worth is calculated to be between $2 and USD 3 million.

Silvana Mojica Relationships & Boyfriend

Silvana is a great, lovely, and competent model. After skimming through her Facebook account, we knew she had once been in connection with Connor McKenzie. She’s also transferred a digit of photos of herself with Connor on social media.
According to sources, Silvana is currently in the news because she is told to be dating Dave Portnoyties.

On his schedule, Dave Portnoy, host of the “Dave Portnoy Program with Eddie & Co.,” also spoke about Silvina.

He said Silvana is the one with whom he pays the most time. Silvana has also transferred a clip from the previous show to her Instagram page. Furthermore, the two keep publishing a digit of pictures of themselves on their social media sites.

silvana mojica net worth


Silvia Mojica is 26 years aged, including lived born on April 8, 1995. Silvana Mojica, a gorgeous peach phenomenon, is David Portnoy’s most recent girlfriend. David Portnoy is an online star creating headlines due to his connection with a standard. Her nervous, one-of-a-kind feeling of style and her incredible looks have garnered her global acclaim.

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