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The vendor I lent it from couldn’t accept I’d never heard of the Robot Turbo hoverboard. In my defense, it’s not the type of major-brand pedigree I’m accustomed to. Though admittedly, I looked at the spec sheet and was surprised I’d not pushed it out shortly.

You’d hope for something unique from the Robotturbo hoverboard with a title like this. Also, a quick glimpse is enough to fall entirely in with it. I think it first debuted in 2017, though even by today’s criteria is quite impressive.

The most significant challenge today is following one down, as they’re not comfortable getting a grip. Yet, find one for a deal at a reasonable price, and it’s worth grabbing with both needles. In times of acceleration, content, production, capability, assessing duration, and pricing, it’s a complete victor.

Check the release of the rest of my Robot Turbo hoverboard assessment and see if all the advertising is explained.

robot turbo hover board

Automaton Turbo Hoverboard Collection Contents

  • Central unit (scooter).
  • Location stripe/Pin In adaptor.
  • User Manual.

Characteristics of Robot Turbo Hoverboard

  • Straight off the stick, the factory reasons that the Robot Turbo self-balancing scooter is suitable for a maximum capacity of 15 leagues. That’s way better than most comparable boards are capable of.
  • Also, its highest rate of 15 mph comfortably surpasses the powers of even the highest-quality solar panels.
  • Seriously, all of the overhead is achievable with a Samsung storm-setting time of 50 minutes. Turn off two high-quality Samsung lithium mortars.
  • The council is competent in bringing riders up to almost 240lbs. It also has three rider modes to suit adults, kids, and beginners.
  • The external structure of the panel is impressive and eye-catching in the extreme
  • As ever, UL 2272 safety certificate delivers total ease of reason.

My Adventure with Robot Turbo Hoverboard

Well…where do I start with this thing?

Glancing at the positives instead, there’s a rather long list, to say the smallest. Seeing a panel with numerous rider ways is still helpful, causing it great for the entire family. This way, this thing passes professionally and is excellent, durable, and stable in a newbie way. In my opinion, this most suitable hoverboard for beginners’ guide will be valuable to you.

Even if 15mph accomplishes state enormous on writing, this is quite fast for a self-balancing scooter. I’ve seen considerably more costly boards that work to reach 12mph – this thing is an absolute velocity monster.

True to the plant’s claims, the storm was assessed in shorter than an hour. Behind this, I guess I called about 13 leagues out of it before it required refreshing. Again, this is with the most valuable (and expensive boards) I’ve tested.

On most smooth textures, the Robotturbo was as soft and pleasant to ride as any panel I’ve tested. It even has that all-important face and feels of marker to it – nobody light or creaky to worry about. As for the negatives, they’re not what I’d consider deal-breakers.

The model has no Bluetooth connectivity and no lecturer built into the board. Neither of these worries me a great deal though what could stand to be improved in the absence of LEDs? There’s no illumination in darker conditions, which is a bit of a shame.

Though, that’s where the criticism comes to a halt. The Robot Turbo self-balancing Hoverboard outperforms most comparable scooters by a clear margin in all other departments.

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My Adventure with Robot Turbo Hoverboard


  • The impressive maximum pace of 15mph
  • The substantial top capacity of 15 miles
  • Unique charging period of 50 minutes
  • Attractive external structure
  • Solid management and implementation
  • Handles secure and durable underfoot
  • Considerably safety pushed and approved


  • Absence of Bluetooth association and LEDs


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I’m always pulling my brainiac, testing to see where the yield is with this item. It was founded in 2017, yet it verbatim runs hoops roughly most of today’s panels. If there’s something wrong I haven’t gathered up on, it can’t be anything quite significant.

In any case, you may discover it challenging to follow one of these items down in 2020. They’re evolving thin on the floor, though they are worth examining for. An entirely wonderful Robotturbo Hoverboard for grown-ups and youngsters, correspondingly, if you can live without periodically added extras. With no LEDs anywhere to be seen, it’s not a commission to try your luck outdoors at night.

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