Best VEVELINE Hoverboard Reviews | 2023

Best VEVELINE Hoverboard Reviews | 2023

Quality materials, exceptional engineering, and all-around performance you can count on. Precisely what you’d expect from a premium self-balancing scooter at an equally premium price. But here’s the thing – the VEVELINE Hoverboard is one of the cheapest boards you can pick up right now with these kinds of specifications. This is another one of those ‘almost too good to be true’ transporters, which deliver high-end performance at a rock-bottom price.

Taking the classic 6.5-inch electric scooter design a step further, the VEVELINE Hoverboard is absolutely sensational to look at. Meticulous attention to detail combines with the clever distribution of LEDs to create a seriously eye-popping effect. Not to mention, those absolutely gorgeous lighting on the wheels that burst into life when the scooter is in motion. In this VEVELINE Hoverboard review, I’ll be attempting to determine whether this really is just about as good as it gets for $150 or less.

Best VEVELINE Hoverboard Package Content

Best VEVELINE Hoverboard Package Content
  • Main unit (scooter).
  • Charging cable/Plug-In adaptor.
  • User Manual.

Attributes of Best VEVELINE Hoverboard

Attributes of Best VEVELINE Hoverboard
  • As mentioned above, this hoverboard is available in an extensive variety of incredibly creative and eye-catching color combinations. The Metallic and Rainbow designs, in particular, are no less than stunning.
  • The two premium-quality 6.5-inch vacuum rubber tires are designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride on most smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. They’re also 100% explosion-proof for maximum peace of mind.
  • Charging times for this self-balancing scooter average around 2 to 3 hours, after which it’s good for a decent range of approximately 7.5 miles. During which time, riders can expect a maximum speed of 9mph and a cruising speed closer to 7.5mph.
  • The VEVELINE 6.5 inch self balancing scooter features an impressive quick-learning system and the latest self balancing technology. This makes it a particularly easy board to mount and dismount – ideal for kids and anyone who lacks riding experience.
  • Under the hood, a pair of 300W motors deliver plenty of power. More than enough to carry riders up to 260lbs in weight.

Experience : Best VEVELINE Hoverboard

Experience : Best VEVELINE Hoverboard

With its simply stunning looks, you immediately get the sense that the VEVELINE 6.5 inch hoverboard is more of a toy than a serious scooter. After all, huge time and effort have clearly been invested in its outer design – could it be a case of all style, no substance? In a word, no. The VEVELINE self-balancing scooter is an all-round powerhouse that means business. The manufacturer talks of intuitive stabilization technology – the purpose of which becomes evident when you step on the board. There really can’t be many scooters out there that are as easy to mount or dismount as this.

Huge Pulling Power for Heavier Riders

The official top speed is set at 9mph, which equates to a cruising speed closer to 8mph or so on average. This might not sound like a lot, but you need to factor in the amazing pulling power of the VEVELINE self balancing scooter. Even with heavier riders and when faced with steeper hills, it gets the job done with ease.

Huge Pulling Power for Heavier Riders

They’ve really gone to town with the flashing LED lights, making for one of the most eye-catching spectacles you’ll ever see. There’s also a pretty decent Bluetooth speaker built into the board, though it’s not something I typically use mostly for the sake of my neighbors. It takes about two and a half hours to charge this scooter, which is a relatively weighty board but not uncomfortable or inconvenient to carry.

Pros & Cons Of Best VEVELINE Hoverboard

  • One of the most stunning scooters out there
  • Available in a huge range of creative designs
  • Carries riders up to 260lbs in weight
  • Decent top speed and range
  • Quality materials and meticulous manufacturing
  • Possibly a little heavy for some to carry around
  • Not fully waterproof so unsuitable for wet weather


This self balancing hoverboards is one of the hundreds, maybe even thousands of boards populating the sub-$150 price bracket. The difference being that the VEVELINE Hoverboard excels in almost every area you’d expect a budget board to disappoint. There’s an enormous amount of power under the hood, and the performance of the board is exceptional. Its exterior design is also as good as it gets. What’s more, this ultra-affordable board is ideal for kids and adults up to a maximum weight of 260lbs.

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