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How To Post A Job On Google (

How To Post A Job On Google

If you’re an employer looking to staff your company, you may have wondered how to post a job on Google. Google is a perfect place to post your job vacuity. You can have your job posting seen by millions of people, hire quality talent, and get the results you’re looking for. This composition will teach you how to post a job on Google step-by-step. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google For Jobs is Google’s platform that connects more people with jobs. As a job seeker, it can be challenging to find the job you’re looking for. There are tons of different job search sites across the web. It takes a lot of time and energy to sift and sort through all of them to find the job vacancies you’re looking for. That’s where Google for Jobs comes in. They help job seekers and employers with job matching. Job seekers are looking for work and employers are looking to hire. Google for Jobs fills that gap, connecting them.

What is Google for Jobs?

For job seekers, the process is pretty seamless. When you visit Google and search for terms like “jobs near me” or “restaurant jobs” or similar terms, Google will display an aggregate list of jobs that applicants can review and potentially apply for.

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How To Post A Job On Google?

How To Post A Job On Google?

Showing your job posting on Google happens by using Google for Jobs. This doesn’t happen by actually directly posting on the Google platform. Instead, you’ll use an integration to get your job listing to show up in Google’s search.

When job candidates search for jobs in Google, it looks like this:

STEP 1: Get Your Website In Order

Get Your Website In Order

For this to work, the first step is have a page on your website that displays your job openings, like a careers page. To build this webpage, you can work with a web developer or DIY it yourself if you know how to create webpages.

STEP 2: List Your Job Vacancies

List Your Job Vacancies

Once you have your job vacancies page setup on your website, make sure the career opening has the following:

  1. Job title
  2. Requirements
  3. Qualifications
  4. Salary range

STEP 3: Add Structured Data

This is where it can get more complex but, following these instructions will help.

Add Structured Data

Visit Google to review their instructions for adding structured data. Some coding is involved, but Google gives you step-by-step directions along with images and screenshots for examples. If this process is too complicated, you may want to hire a web developer who can do it for you. 

STEP 4: Keep Your Pages Up To Date

Keep Your Pages Up To Date

If you make a change to your job posting, you will want this to reflect on Google. This can happen if your site has Google Sitemaps in place. This way if your job vacancy is filled, you can remove it from your website and it will also be deleted from Google’s jobs page.

Tips For A Great Job Posting On Google

There’s definitely an art to crafting a great job posting on Google. You want to attract qualified talent to your job posting and provide enough information so applicants are informed and have a good idea about what the job entails and if they’re qualified.

1. Keep It Short

Tips For A Great Job Posting On Google

Shorter job postings tend to do better than long job postings. This LinkedIn study revealed that job postings of 150 words or less performed better than longer listings.

2. Use Keywords

Tips For A Great Job Posting On Google

Keywords are a vital part of the job posting process. Applicants are going to be using keywords in their search for the kind of job they’re seeking so it’s important you use the right words in your job posting so you can attract those candidates.

3. Make It Easy To Read

Making your job posting easy to read will improve the chances of applicants staying on the page longer and avoiding bouncing right away.

Tips For A Great Job Posting On Google

You can improve readability by:

  1. Using bulleted lists
  2. Use H2 and H3 tags in your job listing
  3. Add video or images

4. Includes Information Applicants Want To See

Make your job posting concise but include the important information that applicants want to see like day-to-day details highlighting a day in the life of that position, salary information, qualifications, requirements and other expectations of the role.

Tips For A Great Job Posting On Google

Using metrics that are measurable and specific can be helpful so applicants have an idea about benchmarks and goals they’d be expected to meet and exceed.

5. Post The Job Posting Early In The Week

Tips For A Great Job Posting On Google

Early week job postings on Monday through Wednesday can produce more applicants as more people apply for jobs early in the week than later in the week, according Indeed.

6. Use Gender-Neutral Language

The language of your job listing can be geared more toward one gender than others and you may be completely unaware of this.

Tips For A Great Job Posting On Google

For example, using words like “ninja” or “strong” can appeal more toward male applicants and dissuade other genders from applying. To avoid this, keep the language of your job posting gender-neutral to encourage diversity.


You now understand how to post a job on Google. Once you set up your job posting using Google for Jobs, you can use Google to host your job vacancies online as they arise. This is a great way to attract top talent to your job vacancy; the best part is it’s free! If Google for Jobs isn’t filling all of your needs.

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