How to Write a Letter for Self-Employed Income | 2023

How to Write a Letter for Self-Employed Income

A letter for self-employed income is frequently requested by lenders to corroborate a potential borrower’s self-employment income and total years in business. The borrower can write the letter, but lenders require an official document, prepared and signed by a CPA or tax preparer. And not just any CPA lenders want an expert with a history of preparing the borrower’s taxes. The letter must include certain components to be accepted.

Why do employees need an employment verification letter?

There are many reasons why employees need a job verification letter. For starters, the first reason could include.

Why do employees need an employment verification letter?
  • The employee is buying a new house and needs a loan. While taking this loan from the bank, the employee needs to provide proof to the bank that they work at ABC company and earn XYZ salary.
  • An employment verification letter could also be needed by an employee in case of getting a house on rent. In such cases, they might be required to provide some proof of employment.
  • If an employee is shifting jobs, their new employer might need to see some kind of proof and details about creative career.

What should you include in an employment verification letter?

This list ideally depends on the request you have received. The employee requesting a letter should give you a list of things you need to add to this letter. But in general, the most common and basic things to include are:

What should you include in an employment verification letter?
  • Employee’s job title and description
  • Date of joining and job location
  • Employee salary (if required, depending on the circumstances)
  • Additional information that needs verification

Employment Verification letter for Self-employed Individuals

If you’re a startup founder, you are in a position to write a verification letter for an employee. This is because you are their employer. But, you don’t have an employer of your own so to speak right? So, when you work for yourself, (meaning self-employed) how do you produce an employment verification letter for yourself? Apart from the list of things to include which are mentioned above, you must include the following:

Employment Verification letter for Self-employed Individuals
  • Your own income.
  • Identify your business venture. Provide a copy of the documentation of registration of the business.
  • The previous document will also help you prove the date you established your business officially.
  • Your own tax obligations.

Common errors to avoid:

There are certain things that are very easy to forget, and end up becoming very common mistakes. Here are some of them you need to avoid

  • It’s the worst experience when someone finds grammatical errors or typos in a letter. Especially if that person isn’t a part of your organization, it can give a really bad impression.
  • Don’t leave out important details. Cross-check the information twice if you have to! And be as specific and clear as possible.

Frequently Asked Question:

When you write a letter to show proof of employment, you should include the following this
1. Employee name and address
2. Employee job role
3. Date of joining the organization
4. Employee’s current salary (if necessary)
5. Brief description of the job

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