Best Lamborghini 8.5 Inch Hoverboard Review In 2023

Lamborghini 8.5 Inch Hoverboard Review

Boasting one of the most attractive exteriors you’ll ever lay eyes on, it also features a unique wheel design encouraged by the iconic brand’s actual supercars. The Lamborghini 8.5-inch Hoverboard is considered one of the best off-road hoverboards in the market. A prime example of this is this Lamborghini 8.5-inch Hoverboard, one of the most sensational electric scooters the market has seen to date. Seriously one look at this thing is enough to make you forget about almost every other hoverboard in existence!

Lamborghini does not manufacture hoverboards but backers and certifies hoverboards from other brands like Two Dots. These hoverboards are legit products with authentic Lamborghini branding and the highest build quality. Lamborghini hoverboards have an excellent top speed and travel range compared to other manufacturers’ hoverboards.

Features of Lamborghini 8.5 inch Hoverboard

Speed and Acceleration

The 8.5 inch Lamborghini hoverboard packs hefty 400W dual motors to provide the power and acceleration you want for challenging terrains. It can move and climb steep slopes with its larger motors that provide good acceleration and speed. It is one of the best and leading hoverboards in the market, with a max 15-20 degree max uphill.

Speed and Acceleration

Besides the ability to cruise through rough and challenging terrains, you can use it for a quick commute between places. The collective 800W motor power makes it possible to ride this hoverboard to a maximums speed of 9.3 miles per hour.

Battery and Range

The Lamborghini 8.5 inch hoverboard is the best Lamborghini hoverboard regarding battery life. It features a high-quality battery that does not overheat and explore. You can ride the hoverboard without worrying about the battery getting overheat or catching fire with all the safety standards met.

Battery and Range

It has enough juice to let the rider travel to an extended range of 9.3 miles on a single charge. You may get more mileage with less weight capacity. However, other things affect the battery timing, including terrain, rider weight, speed, and weather conditions. Besides, the 3-4 hours recharge time makes it possible to hit the road again sooner than many competitors.

Build Quality

The wheel size is enormous for a hoverboard as its 8.5-inch size makes the ride more comfortable and supports heavier weight. With the appropriate weight-bearing capacity coupled with the larger wheels, you can never feel underpowered.

Build Quality

The large wheels allow for an outdoor adventure, grassy fields of green, and equally uneven terrain. They’re great on city streets and for indoor use. You can trust the build quality and ride it without any limitations.

Ride Quality

When it comes to finding a board that will allow you the most freedom while still providing comfort and stability, look no further than Lamborghini 8.5 inch off-road boards. These models are for those looking for short-term adventures on their way from home or school. With affordable prices and eco-friendly nature, these vehicles offer great value.

Ride Quality

The self-balancing in this Lamborghini board is a great way to get around. It comes with features that will assist both adult’s and kids’ riding skills, which means anyone can use it.


safty havorboard

The Lamborghini off-road hoverboard features UL certification, which protects your and your kids when going out in the traffic. Although this hoverboard has UL certification, we don’t recommend it for kids under 12 years because of its higher speed and acceleration.



With the built-in Lamborghini hoverboard Bluetooth speakers, you can connect to the music device. The speakers produce clear quality sounds, which are audible when you are riding the hoverboard.


  • Reliable and long-life battery
  • UL certification assures safety
  • One of the best speed and acceleration
  • A larger wheel allows the best performance across all terrain


  • Not best for kids due to higher speed
  • Still a little on the expensive side at around $350

Final Thoughts:

I discovered the whole thing to be a no-brainer. Thinking the 6.5-inch and Lamborghini 8.5-inch versions are available for around the same price, go for the larger model. The 8.5-inch version of the Lamborghini board does everything its smaller sibling can do and then some more. It might be bulky, but it can easily cruise over virtually any surface. As before, it’s up to you to decide whether $350 is too much for a toy. But once again, you need to assess what you’re getting for your money an actual Lamborghini vehicle.

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