SAVA SMART-K2 Hoverboard Review In 2023

Hence the folks responsible for the SAVA SMART-K2 hoverboard make a series of claims about its performance that seem almost too good to be true. Despite being designed primarily with kids in mind, this is a high-performance hoverboard that apparently outperforms any number of higher-priced self-balancing scooters. For example, it is said to have a battery life of anything from 2 to 3 hours, equating to a maximum range of more than 15 miles. All with a relatively short charging time, full UL 2272 safety certification, and a water-resistant design. Packed with the latest self-balancing technology, it’s an exceptionally safe and easy board to mount, ride, and dismount. SAVA SMART-K2 Hoverboard Review In 2023.

SAVA SMART-K2 Hoverboard Review In 2023

Perfect for kids, though also powerful enough to carry heavier adults. Put the pieces together, and you’re looking at a budget hoverboard that seems almost too good to be true. In this SAVA SMART-K2 Hoverboard review, I’ll be evaluating whether or not this impressive-looking piece of engineering lives up to its impressive claims to fame. If so, we could be looking at the bargain to end all bargains.

Features of SAVA SMART-K2 Hoverboard

Features of SAVA SMART-K2 Hoverboard
  • Maximum attainable speed 8mph with a range of 15-20 miles,
  • LED headlights for visibility,
  • Battery level indicators,
  • Rubber bumpers to diminish crash impact,
  • Light-weight shell for easy carrying,
  • Unique sentry shield battery technology and smart battery management system

Purpose Of SAVA SMART-K2 Hoverboard


When it comes to making a hoverboard for kids, utmost care needs to be taken to provide the tiny tots with jolly experience rather than injuries. Hence, the SAVA Smart K2 is designed, keeping in mind that kids are mischievous and so, the safety standards are over the top.


It comes with 6.7-inch tires and an anti-slip wheel that ensures a smooth and controlled ride. Its rubber bumpers simply decrease the fall impact, if any. With a high quality professional tuned gyro sensor, it ensures that the kid does not need support to stay on it, thus having an adventurous yet smooth and safe ride. LED headlights to ensure safe nocturnal rides.


You never know where your kid will wish to venture out to have fun on his hoverboard. It could be an evenly surfaced park or a road with lots of ups and downs. The latter definitely is more exciting. And keeping this in mind, SAVA Smart-K2 UL Certified 2272 Self BalancingScooter comes with a hill grade of whopping 15 degrees and a minimum turning radius of zero degrees.


Once charged, its battery can last up to 3 hours, attaining a maximum speed of about 12km/h and covering a range of 15-20 miles. The battery requires being charged for approximately 3 hours. It is also fitted with Li-ion fire-safe batteries, it prevents overheating of the wheels.

Motor and Battery Specifications

What matters most in the case of a hoverboard is it’s motor and battery. You definitely don’t want to run out of the battery after riding for just half an hour!

Motor and Battery Specifications

Its action-packed strong fire-safe Li-ion battery coupled with a 300-watt dual electric motor, makes it a strong player. In addition, USP is a patented Sentry Shield Battery Technology and Smart Battery Management System that regulates and protects the battery life.


This futuristic hoverboard comes with a range of following incredible control features:

  • Twin motherboards
  • High-speed CPU
  • Double control system
  • Self-balancing
  • 3-axis precision gyroscope

Comfort Features

Comfort Features

A wide range of comfort features cater to the immediate benefit of the kids. The bright LED lights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, inbuilt speed regulator, and triple axial gyroscope, make it a comfortable ride for your kids.

  • Self-balancing
  • UL 2272 certified
  • Dual motherboard & control system
  • Patented Sentry Shield Battery Technology and Smart Battery Management System
  • Triple axial gyroscope
  • Inbuilt electronic deviation control algorithm
  • Dual fire safe Li-ion batteries
  • Dual 300 watts motors
  • Heavyweight can be a burden for kids
  • Lower level of IP rating limits its use
  • Lacks Bluetooth powered control
  • No Bluetooth speaker
  • Doesn’t have training modes


With its wide range of uniquely assembled safety measures, SAVA SMART-K2 Kids Hoverboard is definitely going to give your kid a reason to venture out and explore. Its power-packed motor and battery make it a long-lasting player. As a result, it’s a must-buy for a thrilling experience for your kids.

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