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Six Important reasons why you should consider a career in the Tech Industry

Before now, almost everyone used to look forward to working in an oil company. Oil WAS the real thing then, but now, tech is the hottest industry. If you have ever heard people saying tech is the new oil, it is because tech has taken over the oil industry. The technology industry is now the fastest growing industry and best employer of labour. It’s no more a secret that the job market in the tech industry is one of the most lucrative there is currently. Six Important reasons why you should consider a career in the Tech Industry.

Six Important reasons why you should consider a career in the Tech Industry

Basically, what that means is that the careers in tech are abundant and massive! There are seats to be filled and companies are itching to hire. According to the 2018 Stutern report, the tech industry is the number one employer of graduates in Nigeria. A career in the technology sector is varied and rewarding, with great job prospects, personal development opportunities and high-end salaries available for the best candidates.

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Six Important reasons why you should consider a career in the Tech Industry

Many industries like information, education, finance, public governance, security, and many others, are now in dire need of tech-based workers. The tech industry has become very successful with many high paying tech jobs. Non-tech jobs that are essential in running a business such as accountants, managers, and sales representatives also enjoy the benefits of tech jobs as long as they secure a job in the tech industry. Some examples of tech jobs are web developer, software developer, database administrator and so on.

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Six Important reasons why you should consider a career in the Tech Industry

So, the big question is, “Why should you or anyone consider picking up, or pursue a career in the Tech industry?” There are thousands of reasons, actually. And as good as it gets, I hope to give you a few reasons as much as possible. So, let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider a career in the Tech industry as much as possible.

1. Technology is the future

Technology is the future

Any wise person, no matter what field you are already operating in, will get some added skills in IT. This is very important because, the future of work cannot be divorced from IT. It is becoming almost impossible for various industries to function without IT being involved. For instance, almost everyone owns a smart phone today and to think of running your day – with your smartphone – without internet connectivity is nearly almost unimaginable. Today, many companies and big organizations can now recruit staff with ease via their website or other remote channels thereby enjoying a huge and significant benefits that IT has made possible compared to a time when hiring process took months just because the flow of information, important data and documents between the prospective employee and the hiring company had to travel by postal and hiring decisions had to wait until such information arrived from wherever it came from. IT currently powers.

2. The career paths to choose from in the Tech (IT) are massive

The career paths to choose from in the Tech (IT) are massive

Tech jobs have a huge array of career possibilities and the flexibilities are simply out of this world. For instance, in any field or organization, software engineers can go on to become technical experts, people managers, product roadmap builders, or even salespeople with a technical twist. The amount of possibilities means that every person can develop a career in tech that perfectly suits their needs, leading to the ultimate end result, which is, genuine job satisfaction. Why is this possible? Because every IT expert that needs to create a solution for any industry must of a necessity understand how things run in that industry and know almost what those who are the real professionals in that field knows. That was how come people like Sola Akinlade (PayStack CEO) who studied computer science (and is a software developer) ended up as one of the financial experts of the 21st century – and created a finance-based company that’s more successful than many contemporary banks.

3. Flexibility


Jobs are becoming more flexible as remote working technologies grow. Cloud storage, video conferencing, easily accessible fast internet all over the world – and so much more tools and techniques which are made available by technology – are now rubbishing the previously reigning myth that a career and a work life is possible only within the four walls of a brick and mortar office setup. There is quickly becoming no reason to go into an office every day anymore. Because of that, many tech companies have leveraged this benefit into an appealing offer: flexible schedules. Work the hours that best suit your schedule, maybe you work better at night or prefer to take a few hours off in the afternoon to hang with your kids. Some companies have even gone all-remote, forsaking the office and regular 9-5 schedule entirely with a career in tech. Interestingly, IT professionals who work remotely and run very flexible work schedules are some of the most heavily paid employees around the world.

4. With an IT skill, you can work in most top-rated companies of the world

With an IT skill, you can work in most top-rated companies of the world

Perhaps what I enjoy the most about being an IT person is that, at the end of the day, there is actually no restrictions as to where you can work, and where you can’t. It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? To think that at the end of the day, I can end up working at the Central Bank with someone who spent several years studying and qualifying as a banker, and probably get my own job at CBN ahead of him, is elating. Work for the NHS. Work for an investment bank. Work for a school. Work for a video games company, the government or a media company. Work for a small start-up or a multinational with 1,000+ people. Anywhere you see yourself or dream of working dear, the doors are always opened to you. If you have tech-based skills and certifications, you can play on the same level field with professionals in the other fields, sit in meetings with them, and reason out matters with them, because they need you to create the solutions! Technology plays a crucial role in just about every industry going, so IT professionals are able to make in impact across all sorts of sectors.

5. You don’t need a degree in IT to become, or work as, an IT professional.

You don't need a degree in IT to become, or work as, an IT professional.

If you think you require a degree in computer science to get into tech, you are damn wrong! Personally, I know medical doctors who learned IT skills at the same time when they were in school studying medicine, and today, their major work is in IT, not in the medical line. More and more technology employers are hiring graduates from any degree background because they recognize the benefit of filling their businesses with people trained to think in different ways, and because they can be trained up.

With a number of courses and online resources available, gaining essential skills (from coding to IT support) could be easier than you think – it does not matter whether you want to study part-time, full-time, or remotely. All you need is an interest in tech and a willingness to learn.

6. Job security

Tech jobs are secure as the tech industry is not going down anytime soon. People who work in the tech industry have no fear of losing their jobs as the tech industry is currently booming and tech skills will always be needed. Some jobs are running out of existence as computers can now do the jobs. However, tech workers will always be needed no matter what happens. That’s definitely something to brag about if you are in the tech industry!

Job security

Tech is a flexible industry, with a diverse workforce. It can offer amazing work-life balance, higher-than-average paychecks, and other great stuffs. There are tons of job opportunities, some of which don’t even involve coding at all – and are very easy to learn (in case you are new to tech but are interested). Ultimately, it’s a lot easier than most think to transition into tech – and that’s one powerful truth to always bear in mind.

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