What to Know About Installing Skylights for Metal Roofs

What if you could boost your metal roof’s curb appeal, increase the energy efficiency of your home (especially its airtightness), and make your interior brighter, all with the addition of a skylight in your roof?

Believe it or not, skylights for metal roofs is possible–but there are some things you’ll want to be aware of first.

Ready to learn more? Then keep reading.

skylights for metal roofs

Benefits Of Metal Roof Skylights

Metal Roof Skylights bring natural light to your home, providing a bright and open atmosphere. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they also have several advantages over other materials.
Firstly, metal roof skylights provide enhanced energy efficiency, as metal is more reflective than other materials so light energy can be minimized in the summer. Additionally, metal roof skylights have a long service life so they usually need replacing less often.

They are also designed to be water-tight and are often given coatings for extra protection against the elements. Furthermore, metal roof skylights can add a great deal of visual interest to an otherwise plain roof line, adding interest and architectural value to any residence. Consider Forever Exteriors to start your skylight installation.

Challenges Of Metal Roof Skylights

Despite these advantages, challenges can arise when installing skylights onto metal roofs. One of the most common challenges is ensuring water tightness. Metal roofs tend to change shape with thermal expansion and contractions, and this can cause misalignments between the skylight and the roof that leads to leakage.

To reduce this problem, proper installation techniques must be employed and rubberized gaskets must be used to create a secure seal between the skylight and the roof. Metal roofs can also be noisy, and special sound dampening materials should be used to reduce the sound of rain and hail on the skylight.
Finally, metal roofs get quite hot in the summer, so installing skylights that have special coatings to reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays can help keep temperatures down.

Preparing The Roof For Installation

This involves clearing any obstacles from the roof surface, such as trees, branches, and existing roofing material. Next, the surface of the roof should be checked for any signs of damage or deterioration.
Any damaged areas should be addressed and repaired prior to installation. Last, the existing roof surface should be covered with an underlayment, such as felt paper or tar paper, followed by a layer of roofing shingles or other material.

This will provide protection from the elements and prevent leaks. It is critical to ensure the surface is properly prepared before installation in order to ensure a long-lasting, quality job.

Maintenance Of Metal Roof Skylights

Maintenance of metal roof skylights is important for protecting your property and helping to keep your home comfortable. Regular maintenance should be done at least twice a year to inspect the roof and look for any storm damage as well as damaged skylights. Inspections should be done both from the inside and the outside in order to ensure that the skylights are secure and properly sealed. Additionally, the glass and weather seals should be inspected for signs of wear or deterioration.

All About Skylights for Metal Roofs

Overall, skylights are a great way to increase natural light in a home without major structural changes. When installing skylights for metal roofs, consulting a professional is highly recommended to ensure the skylight is secure and properly insulated.

Start the process of bringing natural light into your home today by reaching out to a local skylight installation professional.

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