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The Chinese theater, You Are My Glory dramacool, is a unique love report that concentrates on living oneself. The feelings in you are excellent. They are all significantly distinct from one another. Still, they all arrive to enjoy their identity and use it to get the prize for themselves and each additional person. This dramacool is a refreshing change from the everyday dramas that concentrate on excellent personalities who never make any errors.

The lead character, Wang Zi Wei, is a gifted musician who has been taught since she was immature to evolve into a star. However, she despises the limelight and instead wants to be after the surroundings creating music for others. When she meets Li Chen Lan, a famous actor different from her, she is shocked by how much she wants him. He isn’t scared to be himself and isn’t curious about following the directions set by society.

you are my glory dramacool


The most delinquent Chinese drama, you are my glory dramacool, is gaining favour with its unusual and fascinating characters. The male protagonist, Wei Wu Xian, is a gifted but hot-headed exorcist who was expelled from his hometown for committing a crime he didn’t save.

He then meets the female protagonist, Lan Wang Ji, an icy and unapproachable intellectual physician who hides her genuine emotions after a mask of boredom. As they get to know each other better, they start to comprehend each other’s quirks and create an awareness and care for one another. This makes for an interesting and exciting drama.


In the Chinese drama ” You are my glory dramacool”, music recreates an essential role in the story. The intro song, “Glory of Love,” is piped by the lead performer and actress and establishes the style for the rest of the play.

The theme is often used to describe the feelings’ feelings and move the plot. For example, after a wild idea, the two main characters might sing a sad song jointly to show their reconciliation.

The tune in you is my glory dramacool charming and moving. I recommend scanning this drama if you enjoy good music!


The action of the story:

In the Chinese drama, “You are my glory dramacool,” Wei Wei (played by Zheng Shuang) is an everyday girl who shows a simple life. She is satisfied with her job at a little cafe and the companions she’s created there. One day, Wei Wei completes Zhang Yi Xing (recreated by Wallace Huo), a prosperous businessman who is out and foreign to everyone he meets. The two clash frequently but ultimately grow emotions for each other. However, Zhang Yi Xing has a shady history that he doesn’t want Wei Wei to learn about.

Wei Wei finally learns about Zhang Yi Xing’s past and chooses to stand by him no matter what. She allows him to negotiate with his discomfort and ultimately carries out the warm and loving side of him. Concurrently, they overwhelm all obstacles in their path and find joy in each other’s presence.

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The action of the story:

My thinking around you live my glory :

There is no refuting that the Chinese drama you Live My glory dramacool is one of the numerous famous dramas in landmass China. It has all the good stuff to create a hit: Fantasy, humor, and a good storyline. I hold to realize that I live a fan of the theater and keep track of it since it first circulated.

What makes it so attractive to me is the feelings and their relations with each other. They are all extremely friendly, and you can’t help but embed them. In particular, I actually like Gong Xi (played by Zheng Shuang) and her dealings with Xiao Zhu (recreated by Chen He). Gong Xi is such a powerful, liberated woman, and Xiao Zhu is such a love. I can’t wait to see what occurs between them in future attacks.


In conclusion, you are my glory dramacool is a fantastic Chinese drama worth protecting. The plot is intriguing, the characters are well-developed, and the acting is superb. I highly recommend this drama to all fans of Chinese dramas.

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