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Are you looking for the best action game that is playing around the world? PUBG is the most played game with almost 1 billion active players around the globe. If you are a gaming lover, you must have heard about it briefly or in-depth as per your concerns. PUBG mod apk is an extended version of the official game that we have to offer to you for a better experience. 

In the past few decades, it has become common to play different games using a mobile phone or PC. When you are looking for an action game with high-quality graphics, you can’t ignore this specific and amazing game. We are here with a brief description of every feature that you will get in this game. But before that, let’s have a look at the gameplay of PUBG for a better understanding.


In this game, you will get a soldier who is looking to complete some missions, you can customize the character and character name for stylish character name you can use Pubg name generator . Unlike GTA, it is not a crime thrilling game but it is a game where you will get a lot of enemies who are also equipped with weapons. First of all, you need to choose the map on which you want to play this game. 

It will decide either you will get some weapons at the start of the game or you have to look for some weapons after entering into the game. Similarly, you have to kill the opponents (no matter how many they are) to win the game and survive in it till the end.

PUBG Mobile MOD APK 1.5.0 (Unlimited Features Unlocked)

Features of PUBG mod apk:

Quality Graphics:

PUBG is not like other action or fighting games that have the inappropriate quality of graphics to show. It is a game designed with quality 3D graphics to make it attractive to play this game. You will find this game a little heavy as compared to all the other android games available in Google Play. 

But its quality graphics, sound, and other features are worthy enough to justify the heavyweight of the game. So, you will find it captivating and amazing to play this game on your mobile phone. If your mobile has enough storage capacity and RAM, you can play this game smoothly without facing any glitches in the work.

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Unlimited UC:

Every game for android has some specific cash or gaming cards that will enable him to access some features. PUBG UC is the card that will enable you to enjoy the game with some extra features. In normal mode, you can play this game in the mode of one vs many or team vs many. But this action game has a specific feature with which you can play the game one vs one too. 

For this task, you have to get some cards that are only possible to buy with UC. Along with this, you might be looking to customize the visuals of your character or soldier. PUBG UC will enable you to do this task by purchasing a suit, hat, shoes, and other products for the soldier. 

In the official game, you have to buy UC by paying the developer while in this PUBG mod apk you will get unlimited UC. It means that you can buy any product freely with our unlimited UC and give your soldier a look just according to your desires. 


Weapons Unlocked:

When you start playing PUBG, you will get access to only a few weapons having basic features. It will be impossible for you to get access to those advanced weapons that you will get after achieving a specific level at the beginning of your gaming career. You must have to be experienced enough in the game to use those weapons. 

In turn, the players who have those advanced weapons can kill you and you might never be able to approach that level. Therefore, we have made it pretty simple for you to use any weapon even on the first day of the play. You will find all guns unlocked as your built-in property.

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Wallhack feature:

PUBG has a specific map where it will keep showing you all of your enemies in the form of a red dot. The distance between your position and his location will show the exact position of your enemy. In this way, you can get an idea about your position and kill your enemies smoothly. 

But it is impossible to track the enemy if it has hidden behind any object or wall. With this mod apk of PUBG, you will be able to get a feature we call the wallhack feature. It will enable you to look beyond the walls. 

You can easily look at your enemies if they have hidden behind the wall or any tree. In this way, you can be active to respond to his actions and kill him instantly whenever he tries to look apart from the walls. Also learn about how to play freecell-solitaire-masters game.

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Downloading guide for PUBG mod APK

    PUBG mod apk has extensive features that will enable you to play the game fearlessly and win multiple turns
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    You will not have to fear losing even a single game when you have learned how to play this game using this mod apk. 
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    First of all, you have to tap on the following download button to get the installer.
     Being heavy in size, it will take a prominent time to accomplish this process.
    So, you can do whatever you want during that time
    For installation, you might need to allow permission from the settings of your phone.
How to set up app permissions in Android 8 (Oreo) | Kaspersky official blog
    Meanwhile, you can accomplish this process to make the upcoming installation process easier.
    When you have downloaded the setup, just open the file and click on install.
How to Change the Default Program to Open a File With
    You should not do anything else with your phone when it is being installed.
    The process will take a few minutes but after that, you will be able to play the best action game available in the world now.
Pubg Mobile MOD APK v1.6.0 (Unlimited UC, AimBot, Hack) 2021


PUBG mobile does not have official mods of the game but a lot of private developers have done this task for the convenience of the players. So, you can easily download and start playing any of the mods from the internet.

It is a lite version of the game that has lightweight as compared to the original one. You can download this lite version on your low-capacity phone. But keep in mind that the graphics of this version will be a little bit of lower quality.

Final Verdict:

PUBG Mod apk is the best choice when you want to play an action game without any restrictions. This mod will enable you to access any feature without facing subscription issues or low UC problems.

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