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The GoTrax SRX Pro is a budget-friendly hoverboard that is quick and sound at pace. This panel marks some fun elements, such as LED headlights, onboard Bluetooth orators, self-balancing technology, and beefy tires. Further, taller testers appreciated the more expansive view afforded by the broad-standing forum.

However, the twin 250-watt engines lack the torque to turn the reels on uneven terrain or steep slopes. This example also has little run time, content, and a long recharge time. Overall, we consider this commission as a fun toy rather than a severe computing device.

Gotrax SRX Pro Hoverboard Review

Why We Want It – Gotrax SRX Pro Hoverboard

Velocity and Authority outcome

The Gotrax SRX Pro hoverboard is fitted with two 235-watt engines. It has improved torque and adequately powers to run at a max rate of 7.4 leagues per hour. It may not appear to be closed, but the engine is made to run via virtually any type of landscape without damaging a work.

The SRX Pro is even made to attack some of the steepest hills. If 7.4 leagues an hour is too short for you, you can test changing to sports mode. This riding method allows you to determine the max rate and much safer running pace. You can obtain the hang of swinging the hoverboard before opening its full powers.

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Velocity and Authority outcome

Capacity and Battery Execution

In times of content, the SRX Pro can get a max length of 7.5 miles on a single order. Regarding the price of this hoverboard, the most significant distance is fantastic. With its 36-volt lithium-ion storm, you want extended hours of riding.

It carries three hours to reach total control from zero percent, which is quite a lengthy time. The range and the price of the hoverboard, the strength, capacity, and gun specs are rather much on point. Some hoverboards in their cost range are not a possibility.

In times of lift execution and management, Gotrax did an excellent job with the SRX Pro. A cheap board with these specs and security credentials is challenging to see nowadays—some end up existing fake, which you would like to bypass. Counterfeit hoverboards have a high chance of seeing a fire or bursting.

Capacity and Battery Execution

Design & Construction Quality

This Gotrax hoverboard sports a unique, futuristic structure and rate appearance. The board accomplishes not just looks fantastic but is also made to stay. The sunshine independently creates the board that stands out. It is fitted with headlights and a relaxed spin lamp that examines truly great when driving.
When looking for an off-road hoverboard, it should have a sturdy structure. Since you will be operating the board for adventure-riding into the lumber or on bumpy roads, it should be able to resist harsh use.

The SRX Pro is zero short of fantastic when it arrives for heavy-duty use. Some studies even say it is straightforward to wash suitable after riding the dirt. This hoverboard polishes well when it comes to quality and execution.

Design & Construction Quality


The Gotrax SRX Hoverboard can take a rider up to 220 pounds when it reaches weight capacity. While this may be in line with hoverboards of its course, it’s certainly on the weaker side in times of hoverboards. On the plus side, it only weighs 26.5 pounds, making it very easy for you to move about campus or on a dynamic parade if necessary.


Help is a broad class that addresses three critical aspects of client fulfillment: how will a business treat a customer when something goes awry with one of their creations, how resilient is the development at the beginning of bold questioning rid, and what type of guarantee, if any, is supplied with the product.

We came GoTrax’s customer help with a theoretical, though helpful, query about the SRX, and we considered their answer based on timeliness and precision. We also put significant wear and tear on our trial sample. When all was stated and done, we looked closely at the development and how it led to adult testers making it to the max.

Overall the SRX served just above standard in this class. We saw that the email post from GoTrax is on par — they answered with a specific email within 24 hours of our initial communication. However, while there is a contract, it’s very narrow and short (90 days), hurting this model’s metric score.


We do not believe in price when rating effects because we like the best creations to reach out on top, not counting the price. But, when we determine the cost with the version after testing, we get an opinion of a product’s true worth.

In this light, effects such as the SRX Pro are not as ugly as their overall score suggests. It is significantly less costly than many of its competitors, functions well adequately on complex, flat characters, and offers some fun features. With these items in mind, you’ll agree that this panel provides a reasonable charge for the buck.



While not the most incredible dog in any category, the GoTrax SRX Pro is a definite buy for the price. The large reels and robust tires are a bit tricky as it has poor performance offroad, but those same tires drive for a soft ride on firm covers. Add a ton of paint options, LED headlights, and some onboard lecturers to bump your favored songs, and the recreational rider will be pretty satisfied.

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