What Companies Are In The Energy Field of 2024

The energy industry is a massive part of our political and social speech. Energy parties provide a vital resource – electricity, and power – but conventional methods of energy display have drawn attention as they donate to the rising global corruption levels.

However, the industry continues to evolve, with significant energy companies dedicated to increasing their renewable energy help — such as wind, solar, and battery power. With this improved curiosity in renewable power come further businesses and new jobs.

what companies are in the energy field

What Stands the Energy Sector?

Simply put, the energy sector is the start of constructing the energy used to power our daily lives. This encloses electricity, raw gas, and oil.

These two phrases are used interchangeably in popular addresses, but there is a subtle distinction.

The power industry is everything that contributes to the production of energy. This is broadly divided into two classes: gear and benefits and the actual sources of energy (oil, wind, etc.)

What Stands the Energy Sector?

How Can I Contact a Tech Job in the Energy Field?

Many published tech jobs for energy firms seek increased ly enlightened and professional experts. Several postings reference Ph.D.-level needs.

But don’t show up longing! There are a few items to consider. First, if players have senior-level jobs in tech, they probably have entry-level or more junior roles. Double, some of the unique or fewer characters (like Apex) power take an equal of industry experience or a Bootcamp education instead of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Types of Energy Companies

Within the energy industry, some subcategories divide the methods of making, mining, and exhilarating energy across the country. Beneath are some of the direct energy business types.


As we noted, renewable power inherently refills itself at its origin. This contains wind, solar, and geothermal sources. Periodically renewable power is also referred to as clean energy.
We have seen wind turbines, solar boards, and battery-powered gear. These are the standard components of equipment related to renewable power.
One of the largest renewable energy companies in the world is Orsted, based in Denmark.

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 Gas and Oil

Gas and oil are interchangeable with power ambition. While gas and oil have been understood for centuries, mining oil and gas didn’t take off until the 1800s.

After it’s drilled, oil is boiled, creating heat and powering a turbine that delivers the electricity we use. Natural gas is mined, filtered, and refined before living charmed via a channel to a company storage unit and spread to customers.

Natural gas in the U.S. is typically made domestically, with a few pipelines from Canada or Mexico. Oil, on the other hand, is a significant component of international trade. The largest oil production company in the world is Saudi Aramco.

Gas and Oil
 Refining and Pipeline

Oil refining is the method in which oil is boiled and separated into different fuel elements, from butane to diesel fuels.
Before oil can be purified, it must be ferried to the refineries from the establishments where it was excavated. This is done primarily via pipelines that run hundreds of thousands of miles beneath the earth’s surface.
Many businesses refine oil. Some larger firms may be energy and oil providers, like ExxonMobil. Other refineries include Marathon, BP, and Chevron.

 Refining and Pipeline

Leading Companies for Tech in the Energy Field

If you are intrigued by the energy industry and are fond of technology, you may be interested in some of these organizations offering tech roles. Down, we have summarized some of the largest tech companies in the U.S. and samples of their more standard tech careers.

1. ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil traces its history back to 1859, the earlier days of the oil industry. They work primarily in the oil and crude gas sector. It is one of the biggest oil enterprises in the world.
As a prominent and well-known business, ExxonMobil brings honor and stability to its name. Considering a tech career in a good enterprise that will be recognizable to employers, consider performing for Exxon.
Because of the international dimensions of ExxonMobil’s processes, there may be options to work worldwide.


Irving, Texas Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Senior Data Engineer – Cloud
  • SAP Developer
  • Software Developer (Argentina)
1. ExxonMobil

2. Duke Energy

Duke Energy provides energy to the Southeast and Midwest parts of the U.S. It started as a hydroelectric corporation and is persisting in diversifying its power portfolio.

Raw gas is Duke energy’s most significant source, at 37% of the energy caused by the company. Nuclear power includes 35% of the portfolio, and coal produces up to 21% of Duke’s energy. They also use wind and solar energy.

Suppose you like to work in the Southeast and Midwest. They are determined to develop their green energy options, which could provide excellent opportunities for someone in the tech industry.


Charlotte, North Carolina
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Controls Engineering Technologist
  • LIT Support Agent
  • GIS Data Analyst
2. Duke Energy

3. Exelon

Exelon was founded in 2000 by consolidating two restricted power suppliers and has received more associates since. They predominantly serve the Mid-Atlantic and Chicago areas.
The preponderance of Exelon’s power reaches from nuclear power. Renewable power seeds are a minor share of Exelon’s portfolio.
Likened to other energy companies, Exelon shows more time-honored tech-focused jobs. Their job reports require expertise in a variety of coding languages.

Many of the job reports require previous tech and coding knowledge. Nevertheless, there are likely entry-level jobs as well.


Chicago, Illinois
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Senior Services Analyst (IT)
  • Senior Software Engineer – Java
3. Exelon

4. Tesla Motors

Tesla is often associated with its contentious founder, Elon Musk, or maybe its innovative battery-operated cars. However, the party is also involved in developing endurable energy.
The company works to create products that more subordinate emissions and growth sustainability. It also compensates for emissions and aims to produce yields sustainably. According to the firm’s website, Tesla’s solar representatives have offset their auto manufacturing.

If you want to work in power and tech, Tesla might be your best bet. They offered the widest variety of tech positions aligned with boot camp skills, such as software engineering, back/front-end product, and data analytics.


Austin, Texas
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Software Engineer – Vision Automation
  • Software Engineer – Back End
  • Software Engineer – Distributed Systems
4. Tesla Motors

5. American Electric Power

Also known as AEP, American Electric Power is another traditional energy business, with 42% of its power coming from coal. As of 2022, 20% of their power is sourced from renewable energy, a higher percentage than many other companies.

Compared to other firms, AEP makes its goals and plans for expanding renewable energy years clear on its website. This implies clearness and a genuine desire to make modest differences.

If you’re examining working with a group making significant changes, AEP might be a good choice. Based on their job postings, they also leverage tech roles in their transition.


Columbus, Ohio
Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Solution Engineer Associate
  • Economic Forecast Analyst (Data Analyst)
  • Load Research Analyst Associate
5. American Electric Power

Frequently Asked Questions About the Energy Field

The highest-paying energy jobs are in engineering, such as environmental, civil, or air quality engineering. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), environmental engineers earned a median annual salary of $96,820 in 2021. The same year, civil architects made a median yearly wage of $88,050. A bachelor’s phase in engineering is the lowest condition to enter these professions.
Other high-paying fuel jobs include geoscientists, solar scheme designers, and renewable energy advisers.

Solar energy is the fastest-growing energy sector at the moment. Solar photovoltaics, in particular, is the seed of most solar fuel growth.

Solar photovoltaics are what most of us think of when we consider solar power: the panels are often noticed on roofs or sides of residences and posts. These panels alter sunlight to energy using a photoelectric effect.

While solar energy is rapidly increasing, it only made up 3% of the energy used worldwide as of 2020. While jobs may be in demand, keep in mind that this is still a tiny slice of the pie.

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